Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Whole Lot Of Somethin' About A Whole Lot Of Nothin'

What a sad day it is today. I've been thinking about blogging all day and have yet to come up with a worthy topic. I guess I could write about the daily happenings in my life, but if you don't know me personally, it's not really interesting. If you do know me, then chances are that I've already told you all about my daily life and hearing it again won't make it any more interesting. Basically what I'm saying head is empty.

My only recourse is to post about a myriad of topics that will most certainly jump around and have no fluidity to it. It will be a type of potpourri of thoughts. On a side note, I never did get the whole idea of potpourri. Dried up flowers and bark and stuff to make your house smell good? Come on people, have you not heard of Febreeze Plug Ins? (hmmm...perhaps this is a subject I can explore later.)

Things on the home front-

1) My sister-in-law Melissa (she's married to my brother and I'm married to HER brother----a brother/sister married a brother/sister) is here with her daughter,my double niece, named Sable and Sable's new son, Jayden. They are staying at my mother's house which is about a half-mile down the same road as mine. I think that's a better place mother is a great cook and her house is neater than mine. Raelynn met Jayden tonight (he's three months old and totally cute) and I do believe it was love at first sight. They'll be here for a week visiting different folks. I like having them around because they laugh at all my lame stories and I feel incredibly funny around them.

2) The roof is up on the very large carport. David and I have been able to park under it and not get wet for a couple of weeks now. David says he's still not done with it yet.....I just nod because I don't really have the spatial sense to understand something he's "going to do." I really only get what "has been done." Either way, my husband is extremely talented.

3) I have developed some weird condition that I call, "Creepy Shoulder." I carry my purse (quite heavy) and my school bag (even heavier) on my left shoulder. I find that I hold my shoulder up when carrying things to prevent them from falling off. When I'm not carrying anything, my shoulder seems to creep up on its own. One time, I had carried so much stuff on that arm that I threw my back out of whack and had to go to a chiropractor and masseuse to get it all worked out. I'd get a massage now if it wasn't so expensive.

Things on the work front:

1) My job is still hard. I've not yet found that place where I can "coast." I think that if I did find it, I'd be afraid to go there. My entire life has been about why start coasting now? My basic theory is "Why worry later, when you can start worrying now?"

2) This is the first weekend since school started this year that I haven't gone into school on the weekend to get things done. It's not that I didn't have things to do there, it's just that I couldn't find a stopping place in all the stuff I brought home with me to go to school. I don't normally go into school on the weekends, which is why this is so significant.

3) I'm hoping that the weather (thanks to stupid Hurricane Ike) gets better. A week or even a day without recess is tough for all of us...teachers and students.

4) I really don't want to go to work tomorrow. How much longer till we get a break?

Other odds and ends:

1) Biggest Loser starts on Tuesday. I started watching this show back in the spring and I loved it!!! Now if I could only find my own motivation.....

2) I've heard that the season premiere of The Office starts in another week. What will happen? Will Dwight and Angela come clean with what they were caught doing? Will Angela get married to Andy? Will Jim ever propose to Pam? And what's going to happen with Michael and Jan? Will he go out with the new office HR worker, Holly? I hope so, I like her and Michael needs a romance. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, I suggest you rent...nay, buy the first four seasons on DVD and get caught up on the best show ever.

3) It's time to get my hair cut again. I'm so hating the way it's looking now.

4) Two different friends have sent messages that the Halloween stuff is out on the shelves now at different stores. It's time to start the hovering around the aisles. I love looking at the Halloween and Christmas stuff the stores put out.

5) I'm looking forward to seeing "Nights in Rodanthe" which comes out at the end of this month. I read the book by Nicholas Sparks and always like the movies, even though they are sad.

Okay, I've looked back over this post and I think it's the most boring one ever. Hopefully, I can think of some interesting topics to share.

If you read all of this, please leave a comment. You don't know how much I like reading them! See ya'll tomorrow!


Carrie said...

i read it all. and I agree with you on the work stuff. and I also have "creeping shoulder." My shoulders are ALWAYS tensed up. I'm sure that contributes to my headaches. I would love a massage....but, yeah, definitely cant afford that....

I love christmas stuff. halloween is ok, but christmas is the best :)I will start decorating my house for christmas in mid-november...hahah :)

Crystal said...

I didn't think it was boring. I like hearing about what people do/think in their day to day lives. Of course I am a little weird and do have a slight obsession with blog reading.....I'm right there with ya about The Office. I can't wait.

Connie Ann said...

Hugh is a grandpa? Lordymercy. And this is something new (to me)--as we're on the topic of Hallowe,en decorations--Walgreen's has Hallowe'en trees. They have black branches and little orange twinkly lights, obviously spawned by the December tradition. Black trees? Yes.