Saturday, September 20, 2008

Been There, Done That, Got The T-Shirt....Literally

If my life had a uniform, it would be shorts, a t-shirt, and my trusty Teva sandals. I think most people have a plethora of shirts, but most people have more sense that to wear them as much as I do. I have "dressy" t-shirts that I save for work, but my screen printed tees are the subject of this post.

My belief tends to be that you can't really prove you've been somewhere unless you have a shirt to prove it. That's the excuse I give for spending lots of time shopping for shirts when I go on vacation. Having the shirt makes me feel just a little closer to the trip I took to get it than the situation in which I find myself. Most of my shirts have writing or designs reflecting my travels on the front. There are a select few shirts that is designed both front and back. I say that's more for your money, folks! People in all directions know where you've been.

I have lots of different shirts in lots of different colors. I think my all time favorite shirt is one I bought long ago (and sadly no longer have) to a trip through Booger Hallow, Arkansas. My shirt proudly displayed the town name with the interesting fact that the "population is 7, counting the coon dog." I thought this shirt was so cool.

I have shirts for work and even shirts from David's work. David is very particular about the shirts he wears and he's not much of a t-shirt wearer advertising stuff. That explains why I have two shirts from his school. Not only did I get his work shirt, I also took his shirt that advertises his orthodontist. Supposedly, if he wears the shirt to his appointments, he'll earn more "bucks" which he can later spend. He could care less about this incentive, but I may try to sneak in and see if I can get them for myself. His green shirt advertises that they improve the world, one smile at a time. It's not really his thing, so I wear it for him. Don't worry, after my long bought with braces, my teeth look good so I'm not misrepresenting.

I also inherited a shirt from my mom that she got when her knee worked on. Yes, her orthopedic clinic gives out shirts. When did advertising dentists and doctors start? Those shirts should say, "I got a new ________ (knee/smile) but you can't tell. All you can see is this dumb t-shirt." Another memorable shirt was the one that was given to me when I bought my first Saturn. I think it was an initiation to the Saturn "cult." I think in fine print it should say, "This is the most expensive shirt I own. The car was free."

The kids these days wear some pretty funny shirts too. I see shirts all day that advertise the selling of a sibling, the protest of homework, and the support for playing video games. I think the funniest shirt I saw a kid wearing at school said, "Enough with the learning already." I wished I had one of those in my size.

Raelynn has had her share of cute shirts. One says "Girls Rule" and she enjoys wearing that one. The one I like best (for obvious reasons) says, "My mom is a rock star." When she outgrows it I may frame it and hang it in my house. After all, how can I prove that I've had a child unless I have a shirt that declares it?

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