Sunday, September 7, 2008

I spoke too soon

Okay...the first frustration I'll share with you all is that my phone is still dead. Apparently for just a few minutes on Saturday my phone did a Christian Science miracle and temporarily healed itself and I was able to post. I'm not sure if the miracle didn't take or perhaps I broke it but all I know is that I'm not able to call out, let alone get online, and I can't receive any calls either. Talk about frustrating.

I have been able to watch coverage of the impending doom slated for the Florida Keys with Hurricane Ike on the Weather Channel. There was talk of mandatory evacuations.....I hope everyone takes heed of that warning. I'm praying for all my dear friends in the Keys!

Well, gotta go and do more work. I'll post more when my stupid phone is fixed and I'm able to hook up to the Internet by STUPID DIAL-UP. I mean really....what century is this???? Can't a phone get fixed pretty quickly????Don't get me started.


Jared and Brandy Verwiel said...

i may have some good news for you. i've been seeing commercials for satellite internet. supposedly it's for areas that can't get DSL or FIOS. check it out!

Anonymous said...

"Hurricane" Ike is a big joke. Again my ancient and rather senile dog Cuda is scurrying around the yard enjoying a light breeze without a care in the world. The grocery store is a pleasure with no lines and no waiting (alas there are still no baggers) and a left turn onto US1 is easy as can be due to the silly news casters with their doom-n-gloom which sells commercial time and sends people north to wait out the "storm". Two more missed school days means a shorter break at Thanksgiving which makes me very sad, indeed. That is, perhaps, the most devastation the Keys will see from Ike. Hopefully silly Ike won't make a bee line for the Gulf and continue the havoc on your phone lines begun by Fay. I still can't believe you are stuck with dial-up. If the newspeople want to scare me, they'll have to give storms better names than Ike. I'll worry when Hurricane Clint Eastwood is headed my way.