Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Blog Isn't ADD...Ohhhh...Look At That Spider!

The lack of comments on my last couple of posts has caused the creative blog juices to dry up. A sure remedy is to comment!

Really Random Thoughts:

* I went Sonic today and the carhop was wearing in-line skates. I asked her about it and she informed me that you have to be able to skate to work there. They are required to wear the skates. Apparently they have these mystery people who randomly check on different Sonics and they check for things like that. Why couldn't those people teach food service workers to get off the phone and be pleasant?

* I'm very excited about getting my hair done tomorrow. I really like how my hair feels and smells for a couple days after I get it done. If you see me and I'm smelling my hair, don't ask.

* The season premeire of The Office is Thursday night. I can't wait!

* When I came home from class tonight, my husband had strung white Christmas lights in our new carport. I love the glow of Christmas lights. All year round, no less.

* Cooler weather has set in and it makes being outside very nice. On the other hand, my AC at school stopped working so now it is actually cooler outside than it is in my classroom. Have I mentioned that I don't like to sweat?

* I have a couple of occasions in the next couple of weeks where I have to bring food to an event. I don't cook so well and don't have a large recipe collection. Any easy and tasty recipes you have are welcome!

* I randomly break into song and dance in various places.

* I'm ready for fall break. How many more days?

* A woman at my church told me that she's had someone steal gas from her car twice in one week recently. What's up with that? We aren't in a shortage here! Wouldn't that leave a really nasty taste in your mouth? Wouldn't it be better to steal some Scope or something? Granted, your car won't run as well on it as gas, but at least you'd have nice breath.

* My students found a huge spider at school today. It was very pretty. They told me that it was a wolf spider. I don't know if this is true, but if it was true, I feel bad that my kids know more about that than I do. Spiders don't scare me, by the way.

* I found a very small slug climbing the wall in my hallway this morning. David got it off (I wasn't scared, merely grossed out--slugs look weird) and I poured salt on it to watch it shrivel up. Please don't send hate comments to me about this....I don't like slugs and since most other things I don't like (rats, scorpions, rats) move pretty fast, this is the only creature I "play" with.

* I've been thinking about this really cool belt that I got when I was fifteen. It was a clear tube that had sequins free floating inside and it buckled. I've tried everywhere to find another belt like this but I guess I'm out of luck. I wonder what I did with this belt. Even when it went out of style, I still liked it so I can't imagine that I threw it away. It's really sad. If you could see the best, you'd think it was cool too.

Okay, so this post is really rambling...I hope to gain more creative juices from the wonderful (or maybe not so wonderful) comments you'll leave for me. In the meantime, I'm going to go think about spiders, belts, and Christmas lights. Have a nice day!


Crystal said...

I thought they just got paid more for wearing skates at Sonic, I didn't know they were supposed to...I'm with you on the hair thing. It always feels so soft after having it done. Wonder why that is?...I'm looking forward to the Office too. I wish NBC would start broadcasting in HD cause we don't pick it up very well...I can help you with the food issue. What do you have in mind to take? How many people will be eating it? Email me at someanonymousgirl@gmail.com and let me know. I've got tons of cookbooks and recipes, I can help you find something. If you pay for the ingredients, I'll even cook it for you. Seriously, I love cooking and you already have a million and one things to do as it is...Spiders and slugs, all I can say is EWWW GROSS!

Anonymous said...

I think that I may LOVE Christmas decorations more than you! You must come see the display at my house this holiday season.

Birdie Mae said...

Now don't be offended, but your love of Christmas lights reminds me of the song by Gretchen Wilson...it's a favorite of mine, and lots of other folks going by the record sales.

ace said...

The only reason I'm posting is because you mentioned the carport. Bedazzled carport makes for even better posting.

My best recipes (they all begin the same):
1. purchase Tupperware or generic counterpart
2. purchase food item from grocery store
3. transfer #2 into #1
4. act humble
Some extra advice I have come to know is effective:
Write your name on your Tupperware. Writing it on masking tape makes it look like you REALLY care about your kitchen and its wares. Adding sprinkled sugar, cheese, paprika, etc., makes for a non-store purchase look.

Works every time

Anonymous said...

How could you do that to a poor defenseless slug?

Silver said...

How could you do that to a poor defenseless slug?
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