Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Smelly Days Of My Youth

From previous postings, you may already know that I love school supplies. I always have. For fun, I've made multiple rubber band balls. I've made many fine pieces of jewelry with silver paperclips. And as for markers, well, my students have shown me that if you take the innards
out of a Crayola marker and add it to your glue bottle, you can make an interesting new color of glue. I will honestly admit that when I was six, I tasted paste. I think I may have liked it. The smell of school supplies is nothing short of bliss for me. When you inhale the scent of Pink Pearl bar erasers, many memories of my youth return. Even more engrained in my memory is the variety of scents found in the Mr. Sketch marker box. Nowhere else could I visit the pine forest (dark green marker), a citrus orchard (yellow lemon marker and orange scented marker), but there were always the exotic smells of the brown (cinnamon) and black (licorice) markers. If I was feeling a little down, a whiff of the mint scented marker (light green) would awaken my senses. I'll state here for the record that I also used them for coloring. I'm not sure who Mr. Sketch is or was, but I know that his markers are the best. I mean really- outside of my favorite Frebreeze Plug In scent, these markers make me happy. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you should pick up a box. (They come in a neat stryofoam case with a grooved out place for each marker.) My OCD skills came in handy because I would always organize them EXACTLY like the picture on the front. These markers take me back. The only other scented school supply I like are "Stinky Stickers." If you don't know what these are, I could never explain the complexities of comparing the realistic scents of the pizza sticker to the pickle ones.
Looking back at this post I realize that probably no one has analyzed this subject quite like I have. That's okay though...if you need to smell some of these markers to understand, you can use mine....I'm currently using the Crayola ones to make purple-colored glue.

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'loafers rule said...

Stinky stickers is such a misleading name. Some are quite divine. Trend, the company that makes them, has begun making throwback scents from our youth. Skunk is now available for a limited time. Next time that little rascal of a kid that's been driving you nuts makes minimal progress slap on a skunk sticker. I go for the design with the flower on the front to throw them off. The kid will focus on the flower and not the skunk whose ear it is crammed behind and inhale deeply. Sweet redemption. Take that, pencil tapper! I (heart) Mr. Sketch, too. If I weren't spoken for already, he'd totally be my man. Him or Sir Marks-A-Lot. That would make me borderline royalty.