Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Movie Theater's Most Recent Scam--3D Movies

Okay, what is the deal with all the movies coming out in 3D? I think that there a few movies that do benefit from the 3D experience....Avatar being the most recent. But please tell me....what purpose does it serve to have Shrek 4 or Toy Story 3 be in 3D? Are you telling me that there are action sequences between Donkey and Shrek or Woody and Buzz that can only be understood and/or appreciated with 3D? I think not.

I have a theory.....I think that the movie industry is just trying to fleece us for two more dollars per ticket. And then...the audacity!!!! They ask you to recycle to your glasses as you leave the theater. I'm Didn't I just pay $2 for my glasses and $2 for Raelynn's glasses? You want me to recycle them? I don't think so! I refuse to think that they need the extra money to make the movie. If you want to earn my trust, Mr. Big and Mighty Movie Companies, offer a reduced rate for those who come to the movies with their glasses from the last 3D movie we got fleeced at. That's what's I call recycling....not wearing a pair of glasses that someone else has already worn before me. That's not recycling....that's just gross.

Does anyone else get a headache from the 3D stuff? I can remember going to see "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" (another worthless 3D movie) with Raelynn and wishing I could leave the theater because my head hurt so badly. I think that a 3D movie with lots of action could also make me feel sick to my stomach (motion sickness) but so far they haven't made any movies like that, so we'll never know. To me, I feel like I'm already paying an arm and a leg to go to the movies, I don't want the expensive experience leaving me feeling sick. Who pays to feel sick? Stupid question....I guess I do....since I can't seem to not go to the movies.

You know, if the movie companies want to impress me, they could make movies that include scents. I'm thinking that if I could experience that during a movie, I'd pay the extra few dollars. For example, "Eclipse" is being released next week. The book talks about how Edward (he's a vampire) smells so unique to Bella (she's a human.) And as you may know, Bella's scent drives Edward crazy and he has to keep himself from killing her everyday. That's a scent that I think would enhance my movie experience. If they can do all this fancy stuff with animation and special effects and 3D stuff, surely they can make a movie that smells. I'm just saying.......

So having said all that, I'm debating whether I should take Raelynn to go see Toy Story 3. I heard it was really good. Fortunately for me, the theater here offers the movie in 2D and 3D. Guess which one I'm going to see? That's right....the 2D one....I'm going to stand up for my principles....and use the extra money to buy popcorn. At least the popcorn will smell good and that's worth the extra money.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Over the hill? What hill? I don't remember any hill!

Hello dear and faithful readers (all 2 of you)-

It's been a little while since I've updated my blog. There are many reasons and excuses for this. Instead of giving you the sorry excuses, I'll just tell you that I've spent my time since school got out packing my classroom and enjoying summer. For those of you that are faithful readers, you'll be shocked to know that I ended up having 135 boxes o'crap from my classroom. That's right readers....I keep everything. And most often, I can find it if I need it. The problem seems to be remembering what I have. But that's another blog for another day.

Over the past week or two, I'd be out doing this or that and I'd think to myself, "That would be a great topic for a blog post." And then, of course, I get home and I'm doing a million other necessary things and I forget the brilliant idea I had earlier. So, just know that this post may include lots of tidbits about stuff, but it's not because I'm ADD, it's because I'm sure you're dying to get caught up on all the exciting events of my life.

Topic 1-Classroom packing

As I've said earlier, I packed 135 boxes of stuff. The last month of so, I've enjoyed a little game I like to call "Find the liquor store boxes before anyone else does." This game takes lots of talent and lots of cargo room in your vehicle. I have a moderate amount of both. I ended up getting lots of boxes and have lots of them left over. The teachers at my school are scheduled to start moving their stuff at the end of this month. I figure that if it took my two weeks to pack up, it'll take the rest of the summer to sort through it all and put it away. You'll be happy to know that while I was packing, I numbered and inventoried all the boxes so I would know what is in each one. We'll see if this helps me. Unless I packed a bunch of moving company workers, I'm thinking it'll be slow going. And of course, I'm assuming that I'll be the one that has to move all the boxes. I could be wrong on this, but again, that'll be something I'll find out later. I'm tired of packing and I'm glad that's over.

Topic 2- Extreme Logger

David's dad hauls logs and cuts and sells firewood for a living. Not an easy job by any stretch of the imagination. David asked me to go and help him and his dad awhile back but each time we tried, things got in the way. This past Tuesday, I saw that there was no getting away from it. So I went. I lived to tell about it....but barely. I don't think there's any way that I could express how hot and tired I was when it was all over. Probably the worst part was that I got hit a couple of times with logs, as well as dropping them on my foot, etc. I wasn't feeling so great when I left, but I can wear my scars with pride. David likes to watch this show about extreme loggers on the Discovery Channel, and I felt like I was in my own personal episode. Let's just say that if I ever wondered if a job outside was a calling I missed, I now know for sure that it isn't. Education is the name of the game people. Unless you want to work hard and get hot and sweaty, you should go to school and get as much education as you can. This gives you many more options. That's all I'm going to say about that.

Topic 3 My New Toy

Starting in May, every two weeks we have a celebration in our house. First there's Mother's Day and then two weeks later is David's birthday, followed by my birthday two weeks later, and then followed by Father's Day a week later. David is very low key and practical. He doesn't like a big fuss made over him and doesn't want any presents. Really. Me.....I'm not that great of a person. I like a little attention and a gift is nice. David always asks me what I want and I never know what to tell him. This year I was ready. What I've been wanting is an iPod. In my mind, I'm going to start walking/running and it would be nice to have some music. David asked if I wanted one that plays video. Video? I hadn't thought of that. I ended up getting an iTouch. I love it. My friend Wendy gave me an iTunes gift card and helped me get it set up. I'm enjoying it.

Topic 4 Getting Older

So today is my birthday. Lots of people have wished me a happy birthday on facebook....that's always nice. You want to think that people think of you...and with facebook that's possible. I'm not happy about getting older. In my mind, I'm not that old. I don't feel old.....mentally. Physically it all depends on what I'm doing and how long I'm doing it for. A friend on facebook said to not be sad that I'm aging, but to think of it as getting better. And that's what I'm going to do....I'm going to get better.

You know really....many people die everyday. I've been fortunate in that my parents are both alive, my husband and daughter are doing well, and my brother and his family are great. But someday that won't be so. I should cherish and relish the fact that God has given me another year on Earth. Another year to spread His love. Another year to learn more about myself. Another year to love others. Another year to speak life to those around me.

And that's what I plan to do....after all, I'm not getting older, I'm getting better.

Have a great your life with passion....this moment won't come again!!!!! (And tell your friends about my blog....I'd love to expand my readers...)