Sunday, October 25, 2009

Welcome Great Pumpkin!

Do y'all remember the Halloween Charlie Brown special? I can remember watching it each year with joy. This, of course, was before we had VCR/DVD's and everyone could own a copy. You saw it once a year and you made sure you watched it, because it couldn't be Halloween without it. The same went for the Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, and Easter specials. It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown comes on TV on Tuesday. I'm hoping to see it with Raelynn. David's not really a fan but he endures it for us.

Lots going on this week....gotta get caught up on all my school work and start working on my presentation for my comps. In addition, I now have another paper and project due for my current class......I'm so ready for this to be over. I don't think I'm going to bite off anything major for awhile. If I do, kick me.

Going to a couple of Halloween parties this weekend. Raelynn has been invited to a friends birthday party (always with a Halloween theme) and then on Saturday, Raelynn and I are going to Wendy's house and going trick or treating in her neighborhood and then party at her house. I really like Halloween parties....I've not been to many, but the best ones have kids at them.

Think of me this week as I try to get more work done.....I'm hoping to be sitting in the pumpkin patch waiting for the Great Pumpkin, because I know that my pumpkin patch is the most sincere.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nervous Breakdown? My Life as Usual? You decide.....

This could be me. It's only Tuesday and I've already had two meltdowns. Thankfully, neither of them were in the presence of children. My poor friends have had to deal with the nervous wreck that I am. It's just getting to be a lot for me right now. Comps are due tomorrow. Then I have to create a presentation for them. After that I have to present them. There are dryer sheets all over my house and I can't remember the last time I cleaned. Graded papers don't seem to be getting done any quicker and the daily stresses of teaching the youth of America do not seem to be getting much easier. Apparently I'm the original miracle worker and I didn't know it. Wish I got paid like I made miracles happen. I bet David Blaine and Chriss Angel get paid more than I do. Anyway, back to the grind.....someday soon my life will return...until then, I'm just a big hot mess and I appreciate you all for sticking with me.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I'm Just Sayin' Is All...........

I'm going to try to keep this post short. It's a beautiful fall Saturday and I'm sitting in the MSU library to study for a midterm exam I have on Monday. I also need to work on finishing up my papers for my comps which are due on Wednesday. Now that I think of it, I'll need to write some sub plans for Wednesday, since I plan on falling out right after I send my stuff in for comps. After that, I'll need to prepare a power point presentation for my oral comps......ughhhh....

When I woke up, I felt pretty good...the weather outside is beautiful......I think it's currently in the low 50's and the sun is shining. That may not be entirely true since I'm sitting amongst all the "Inactive Reference Materials" nowhere near a window on the fourth floor of Mitchell Memoria Libary. I wish I could be outside. This weather is one of my favorite things about Mississippi. In Key West, all we had was summer and I'm not really a big fan on heat.

So I went to Huddle House for breakfast (alone) since David and Raelynn went to his dad's house to help David's dad haul wood. David's dad cuts and sells firewood, and this is his busy season. Raelynn is going because I can't concentrate on my studies when she's running around. (I don't think facebook and blogging helps either...) I ate some breakfast, got some soda in a "to go" cup and headed to the library. I walk in and the smell of it hits me everytime. All libraries smell the same. I'm convinced it must be because of the books.

The first draft of my stuff for comps is done...all I have left to write is the reference pages and then go back and check my stuff to see if it all matches the APA format. Fun. Today my focus is to read and summarize 7 chapters in my textbook to prepare for this upcoming test.

Things are pretty stressful. For some reason, I feel sad. Probably from being cooped up in this library for so long. In just a short time, this will all be over and I can breathe again. Anyway, I just wanted to check it with everyone and let you know that I am still here. Please continue to pray for me.......I'm having a hard time staying focused.

It might be all the books....I don't know.....I'm just sayin' is all.........

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lord, please finish the good work you started in me

I liked this shirt. Only...I'm not "pretty sure" prayer works...I know it does. As I am working on my comprehensive finals for my graduate work and preparing for a midterm, please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I want to give God the glory for the work He has done in me. I know that I cannot do this myself, that I must lean on Him for wisdom and understanding. I don't always remember that. There are many "marbles in the jar" as David would say. The daily stresses of teaching, the task of raising a responsible child, and doing a decent job in my graduate work seems like a daunting task. I know that with prayer, and God's mercy and grace, I will prevail. Please pray that I'll get through this with good scores and that I keep my wits about me. Thank you!

Monday, October 12, 2009

My New Digs

This is my new home, Mitchell Memorial Library on the lovely campus of Mississippi State University. I'm on the third floor at a table in the back hall near the restrooms if anyone wants to visit. This will be my home until after I finish my comps and studying for my midterm. It's not the worst place to be but it sure isn't home.

Please pray for my wisdom and endurance during this trying time. And when you hear me say that I want to do something that most definitely is huge and stressful, just kick me. You'll know where to find me.....sitting at this table on the third floor of the library.....buried alive under books and notes.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Buried Alive

This isn't me, although it feels like it. I'm currently hiding in the MSU library "studying" for my comps (comprehensive finals for all of my graduate work) and for the massive midterm in the class I'm currently taking. I feel under lots of pressure and stress. I know, I know, nothing new for me but still....I'd like to feel like I'm not going to stroke out every couple of minutes.

This is coupled with the daily stresses of my life. Work has gotten even more demanding, if that's even possible. I'm not given any more time or money in which to make these miracles happen....I'm just supposed to make it happen. I feel pretty strung out right now. I have a huge stack of papers that are needing grading right now.....and I don't think it's going to get done today. Geesh.

So anyway, I need to get off of here and get back to studying. I'm gonna need lots of time to find my way out of the sand.........

Pray for me.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Dear Reader, do you miss me? Check yes or no.

I've been busy. This is the story of my life. The alternative (death) doesn't sound so good, so I'm going to be thankful that I have lots of people and things in my life. I am grateful, but also can I get everything done that needs to be done?

Things currently on my to-do-list:

*grade papers
*make southwestern salad and rueben casserole for David's family reunion tomorrow
*go to David's family reunion tomorrow
*grade papers
*go to the MSU/Georgia Tech football game with Kathy, my dad, and my nephew
*try not to upset Kathy by implying in any way, shape, or form that MSU may lose the game
*grade papers
*wash clothes
*fold clothes
*put clothes away
*grade papers
*watch the three Netflix movies that have been sitting on my coffee table for two weeks
*start studying for my mid-term exam
*start working on the impending comp questions
*did I mention grading papers?

Love you guys but I gotta go and make the food for tomorrow. I'll do it while watching "Project Runway." I love this show!