Friday, June 22, 2012

What? She's Blogging? The World Must Be Coming to an End!

Hello world...

I am starting this blog post with a picture to remind any of you faithful followers that this is what I now look like....after what seems like YEARS since I blogged.  Time has been good to me and I look the same as the last time you anxiously read my newest blog post, right? (The correct answer here is to nod in agreement and say "Why of course!")

So you may have wondered what's going on with me and why I've not blogged much.  And if you haven't wondered that, you just haven't followed my blog much so after you read this you should get comfy and do some reading of my older posts.  Then follow me.  I'm not sure what that is on Blogspot, but I like the idea of having followers.  (Please note that I realize that my previous statement makes me look really dumb in the technology area.  I DO KNOW what followers are.  I am a proud member of the facebook, twitter, and pinterest cults and plenty of people follow me there.)  I wish I had more "followers" of my blog and if you know how I can do that without being too "techy-like" (yes, I just made that word up) I'd be appreciative.

So, here goes nothing.  Or something.  It could be long.  It will contain tidbits of what's swimming around my head.

1) Reasons/excuses I give for not blogging: You must have an Internet connection, computer, and time to blog.  I have none of these at home at the same time.  I do have these at work but those kids keep me from blogging because I WORK FOR A LIVING people.  But seriously, I don't blog at school because I barely have enough time to take care of basic needs like eating and using the bathroom there so I'm all about prioritizing what needs to get done there.  If I have to pick between blogging and going to the bathroom, I'm going with the bathroom. Sorry about that.

2) My summer thus far: I started my summer battling some pretty bad staph infections (thank you stupid diabetes for the weak immune system) and I've been somewhat crabby due to pain from doctors cutting me open.  Things are appearing to improve on that front so I'm happy about that.  Pinterest has taken over my life and my list of things to do this summer is a gazillion miles long.   I'm on project number 6.  I like being crafty.  Join pinterest and check out some of my cool pins.  Follow me and you get even more brownie points.  And who doesn't like brownies, right? (thanks again stupid diabetes for not letting me enjoy real brownies anymore.)

3) Movies: I think I've seen most of the movies that have come out this summer.  I enjoy the movies.  Best job I ever had was working at the Cobb/Regal Cinemas in Key West.  I must state here that I do have some standards, though.  I think that movie producers are ripping us off by making all these movies in 3D.  Is is necessary to see Madagascar in 3D?  I think not people.  (Will it keep me from going to a mediocre movie because it's 3D? Probably not.  Way to go win.)

4) Blogging:  I REALLY miss blogging. is a great site but it's been awhile since I blogged and they've changed their format and all since then.  I don't like change.  It was perfectly fine the way it was.  And I had more readers then.  Maybe that's why no one reads my blog much anymore....Blogger went and has nothing to do with the fact that I haven't blogged. 

5) Dot dot dot and parentheses:  I find that I use these two things quite a bit when writing, emailing, texting, tweeting, facebooking.....Does it bother people?  I sort of like it.  I just wonder what everyone else thinks.

6) Purple highlights: This week I went and got my hair done with purple highlights.  Yes, I am serious.  Why?  I think the better question is "Why WOULDN'T I? And why haven't I done this sooner?"  I like it.  David doesn't.  He loves me anyway.  We agree to disagree. 

7) Obvious Observations:  Today while eating lunch with a friend I noticed the number of people that had on maroon or Mississippi State related clothing.  It was quite a bit, but then I stated the obvious....we live in the hometown of Mississippi State, so that makes sense.  I just thought that it was interesting that in a deli at lunchtime, there were about 20 people all wearing MSU stuff.  And yes, I checked to see if any group came together like maybe the MSU bowling team showed up.  They didn't.  We may have a bowling team....I don't know.  I'm not really into sports.  Unless you count Pinterest because if you do then I totally am into sports.

8) Ice ice baby: As I've written about before on my blog, I am an ice connoisseur.  If you are in my area please visit these locations to enjoy the ice.  You can get a drink if you want but it's the ice that makes the experience....In no particular order of awesomeness: Sonic, Oby's, Zaxby's, and Snow-Biz for the obvious reason that they sell snow cones.

9) Hip Cancer: Is anyone looking into whether or not carrying your cell phone in your front pocket affects your hips?  I find that I can't deal with wearing clothes without pockets because I carry my cell phone everywhere.  It doesn't feel right unless it's with me.  Anyone else out there like that?  Cuz I'd hate to think I'm going to be the only one getting chemo in the future from their cell phone.

10) AT&T bad/Verizon good:   David and I divorced AT&T back last August and upgraded to smart phones with Verizon.  He has an Android and I have an iphone.  I don't think can ever go back.  However, the down side is that I no longer have dial-up (did you think anyone would ever say that NOT having dial up would be a bad side) or a land line.  This is why I can't blog as much.  I love to blog but I love my phone more.  I'm sorry people, you're just going to have to deal with it.  If you miss me that much, you should look me up on Twitter or Facebook and follow me. I can do these on my phone and they are sort of like mini-blogs. It's a win/win situation. I get my phone and you get a mini-blog...and let's face it...a little of me is better than no me, right?

So that's it for now.  I'm currently sitting in Hardee's nursing a watered down Diet Coke and using their Wifi to bring you this blog post.  Maybe I can come here again soon so I can write more.  You'll read it won't you?  The correct response here would be to nod your head in agreement and say "Well of course I will!"

Toodles my friends!!!!!