Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Love love this

How cool is this? Love this color! Whatcha think? Professional enough that you'd take me seriously?

Monday, April 7, 2014

A Beautiful Mess (AKA Wisteria)

Ahhhh...it's finally here....Wisteria season.  It's such a shame that it doesn't bloom longer because it's just so pretty!  Now, I'm not normally a "plant" person....I truly believe that I could kill a plastic plant. It's unfortunate that I'm not better with plants, because I really like flowers.  Someday I'd like to grow roses.  However, if it involves dirt, planting, watering, or weeding I don't think I'd be good at it.

So wisteria seems like the perfect solution.  It's purple, which is good.  It's basically a weed that can't be controlled, so there's that.  It grows everywhere. Even better.  BUT- my husband doesn't like it.  We had some in our backyard last year and he did everything he could to kill it.  I don't think he sees the beauty in it--he just doesn't like the fact that the roots take over everything and choke out the plants it attaches too.  (I can see his point, but since I'm not a big "plant" person, this doesn't bother me.)  I say, let the beautiful killer plant loose.  It's gorgeous.  So, long story short- I no longer have wisteria in my yard.

Fortunately for me, it grows everywhere.  My favorite spots of wisteria is where it grows close to some other purple blooming plant I can't identify.  My mom can probably tell what it is.  She's good with plants.  I love wisteria.  The other blooming plant I like is the purple crepe myrtle.  There's a section of North Jackson Street that is lined on both sides with deep purple crepe myrtle.  I like driving that strip in summer when it blooms.  I'm trying to grow that in my yard but our horses have continued to use it as a chew toy and scratching post since we planted it.  It looks like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  So sad.

So for now, I'll appreciate the wisteria from afar.  I'll watch it overtake other people's gardens and wish I had some of my own.  Spring is here.  Soak it up people!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Note to Self....Blog More.

So, I may have one or two people who actually see this and wonder aloud, "Wow...I didn't know she blogged" or "I'd totally forgotten that Tassie had a blog."  Yeah, I had forgotten it myself too.  I love to blog. There's something very freeing about putting yourself out there. I just wish I had more time than I seem to lately to blog.  That, and decent Wifi.  (It's not available where I live. I've checked.)

I don't currently feel like I have my creative blog juices flowing, so Ill just stick with the basics and keep it brief.

What I'm up to-

**"Wife-ing" and "Mom-ing" - Still married to an awesome man and my kid is pretty great too. They are patient people...they live with me.  I love them to the moon and back.

**I'm in the middle of renewing my National Board Certification.  It's the teaching equivalent to birthing a baby naturally.  I'm in labor and pushing.  Hoping to see this over soon.

**My dad died in late December.  I miss him. Every. Single. Day.

**Glitter is good.  It makes me feel better.  Don't believe me?  Trying wearing some to work next Friday.

**I'm part of book club.  We've read two books so far and I'm enjoying it.  It's hard reading during the school year.  I'm managing to put off writing for my National Board stuff by reading, so... win, win.

**Candy Crush Saga-I'm stuck on level 34.  I'm hooked.

So, that's all I've got for now.  I think the "blog well" has been dry for so long that I need to prime it a little. Hopefully I can do that before you forget I have a blog.  Until later.....