Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Movie Theater's Most Recent Scam--3D Movies

Okay, what is the deal with all the movies coming out in 3D? I think that there a few movies that do benefit from the 3D experience....Avatar being the most recent. But please tell me....what purpose does it serve to have Shrek 4 or Toy Story 3 be in 3D? Are you telling me that there are action sequences between Donkey and Shrek or Woody and Buzz that can only be understood and/or appreciated with 3D? I think not.

I have a theory.....I think that the movie industry is just trying to fleece us for two more dollars per ticket. And then...the audacity!!!! They ask you to recycle to your glasses as you leave the theater. I'm Didn't I just pay $2 for my glasses and $2 for Raelynn's glasses? You want me to recycle them? I don't think so! I refuse to think that they need the extra money to make the movie. If you want to earn my trust, Mr. Big and Mighty Movie Companies, offer a reduced rate for those who come to the movies with their glasses from the last 3D movie we got fleeced at. That's what's I call recycling....not wearing a pair of glasses that someone else has already worn before me. That's not recycling....that's just gross.

Does anyone else get a headache from the 3D stuff? I can remember going to see "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" (another worthless 3D movie) with Raelynn and wishing I could leave the theater because my head hurt so badly. I think that a 3D movie with lots of action could also make me feel sick to my stomach (motion sickness) but so far they haven't made any movies like that, so we'll never know. To me, I feel like I'm already paying an arm and a leg to go to the movies, I don't want the expensive experience leaving me feeling sick. Who pays to feel sick? Stupid question....I guess I do....since I can't seem to not go to the movies.

You know, if the movie companies want to impress me, they could make movies that include scents. I'm thinking that if I could experience that during a movie, I'd pay the extra few dollars. For example, "Eclipse" is being released next week. The book talks about how Edward (he's a vampire) smells so unique to Bella (she's a human.) And as you may know, Bella's scent drives Edward crazy and he has to keep himself from killing her everyday. That's a scent that I think would enhance my movie experience. If they can do all this fancy stuff with animation and special effects and 3D stuff, surely they can make a movie that smells. I'm just saying.......

So having said all that, I'm debating whether I should take Raelynn to go see Toy Story 3. I heard it was really good. Fortunately for me, the theater here offers the movie in 2D and 3D. Guess which one I'm going to see? That's right....the 2D one....I'm going to stand up for my principles....and use the extra money to buy popcorn. At least the popcorn will smell good and that's worth the extra money.


Ford Family said...

I found your blog through Laura Tomlinson's. You are hilarious!! I, too, kept my 3D glasses after Alice and Wonderland. Where are they now? I don't know. But I do know that no one else paid money to wear them. I love reading your blog!!

P.S. A very good friend of mine, Haley Fields, will be teaching with you this coming year. When she mentioned your name, I had to admit that I was a blog stalker :)

Birdie Mae said...

Any chance that we your loyal readers are going to have the pleasure anytime soon? It's been almost twooooooooooo weeks. I'm having Tassie Deficit Disorder and only a post from you can cure me. No guilt, okay?