Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This Wasn't Supposed To Be My Blog Topic Today

Oh my gosh....my frustration level is pretty high right now. I've tried several times to upload a picture to this blog and have not been able to. I think it's a combination of my STUPID DIAL-UP and the fact that everyone and their mother is online right now. (I truly mean that....even MY mother is online---probably right now.) It makes for slow moving on the Internet freeway. Instead of being on the Internet freeway, I feel like I'm on some country back road that's not paved. Living in Mississippi, I know lots about these roads. You get where you're going, but at times it seems to take FOREVER.

More frustrations-tonight was the season premiere of Biggest Loser. I won't be able to watch it because of my grad class this semester. It's a sad thing to admit that not watching "my shows" makes me frustrated. The last person I knew that talked like that was my grandmother. She used to tell us about the characters on her shows like they were real people we knew.

Me: Hey Grandma....how are you today?

Grandma: Oh, honey....thanks for asking. My back's been hurting and my arthritis is giving me fits.

Me: I'm sorry to hear that.

Grandma: Did I tell you about Linda?

Me: Uhhhh....no.....

Grandma: Well. Linda is married to that nice man, Bolt. They've been trying to have children for some time now. Anyway, Linda came home to find Bolt sleeping with Susan, her best friend! I just couldn't believe it!

Me: Uhhhhh...Grandma....who are you talking about?

Grandma: Linda and Bolt. From my shows.

Anyway, she wasn't the kind of grandmother that bakes cookies and knits. She sat in her Lazy-Boy recliner and made me watch her soap operas every day. She would bore me to tears telling me every story line and who was who and how they were a part of the story line. All I wanted to do was watch cartoons. No dice.

Frustrating politics: I'm not going to get political here, because everyone has their own views and most defend them with passion. I'm just frustrated that all I see is negative coverage of both candidates. Enough with the negative ads already! Just give us your side of how you'll fix things and let the American public decide! Really, I think that my husband would be a better candidate. I'm considering writing his name on the ballot in November. I could totally see myself as being first lady in the white house.

Frustrating traffic: I hate traffic. I don't really like to drive. There's one particular place where I live where the traffic light is frustrating. We have a strip mall with a Blockbuster, a Chinese restaurant, and a tax place next to a gas station that also has a McDonald's inside. There is a traffic light at this intersection. Since I don't turn left well into traffic, I often use this light to turn left without killing myself. I swear I have sat through several cycles of light changes and there is never a turn signal, let alone a green light on this side. Very frustrating. I think part of the frustrating part is the fact that it isn't like this all the time. Anyone that lives in Starkville knows what I'm talking about!

Dollar coins frustrate me. I'm not used to using them and they are too close in size to the quarter. Also, how many versions of this thing do we need to figure out it won't work? First the Susan B. Anthony, followed by the Pocahontas coin, now there's the gold Washington dollar coin. They need to stop reinventing the dollar coin. Americans hate change. That's why we don't use the metric system.

Okay, I think that blogging may have helped get over some frustrations. I'll try again tomorrow to be witty. I've been having trouble coming up with blog topics. If you have any ideas, throw them my way! I'll be sitting on my couch....keeping up with the latest happenings of the folks on "my shows."

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Kathy said...

YOU NEED TIVO!! It's the best thing in the whole wide world. You can justify it just with the time you save zipping through commercials. You could watch The Biggest Loser and The Office at your convenience, and in roughly 2/3 of the time. It's a beautiful thing.........P.S. On another note, I know EXACTLY which traffic light you are talking about. I boycott that light, and just go out the other exit and turn right. No need to let road rage take over!