Saturday, September 6, 2008

Don't Be Paranoid....I Wasn't Ignoring You

Okay, so I know it's been a few days since I posted. Let me tell you why....stupid Hurricane Gustav and Dial-up. If you've followed my posts before, you've probably heard me state, "I have STUPID DIAL-UP." It's very frustrating. I literally click on a button, go build a small shed outside, then come in to see if the page has loaded yet. This is not a good thing if you've become addicted to blogging like I have. Thanks, LT. Another addiction to add to my growing list- (currently they include: Netflix, The Office, Facebook, blogging, Diet Coke-fountain style-with lots of ice, and french onion Sunchips.)

So the hurricane destroyed my phone. For a few days this week I was able to call out and post, just not receive calls. I was wondering why things were so quiet here. The phone issue got worse when I became unable to phone out OR receive calls. Great. I don't know if they have fixed my phone or not, but as you can see, I'm posting again. Not that it really matters.....but I'd like to think you care. Side note--a good boost for my blogging self-esteem would be if you would kindly leave a comment. Even if you don't normally do so. I check my email many times to see if anyone has a comment. It's a sickness, I know....I'm currently looking for a 12 step program.

This post isn't going to be profound like my others and focus on one random topic. I think I'll just get everyone updated on things at my "crib."

-David and his dad got the main structure and roof up on the carport (which is bigger than my house.) I've been parking under it all week. It keeps the rain off my head.
-I have enjoyed dragging a large and strong magnet attached to a string around the carport to pick up any stray screws so my car tires don't find them later. I'm serious about it being fun.
-I just picked up the fourth season of The Office on DVD this weekend. I'll be watching it and laughing all weekend as I grade papers.
-My sister-in-law, niece, and nephew will be here this week. My house is a mess. I need some serious cleaning time. I like to clean, but only when in the mood. I haven't been in the mood for awhile now.
-My friend Vicki has gotten her adopted daughter in China. She is currently finishing a two-week stay there. I read her blog each day and enjoy it so much.
-I am anxiously awaiting the Halloween and Christmas stuff to be put out at Wal-Mart. I need to purchase some more Christmas lights for my classroom.
-Hurricane Ike looks like he may hit the Florida Keys sometime next week. I'm still glad I don't live there.
-The weather has been pleasant this week. I'm really looking forward to fall and some cooler weather. It's too hot.
-I am so excited to have found my all time favorite Febreeze Plug-In scent refills at Wal-Mart. I've been looking for it everywhere for a long time now. They just started carrying this item and I bought all they had in stock. It makes my classroom smell amazing. I'd tell you thename of the scent but then you might go and buy some and there wouldn't be any for me when I go there next. :-)
-I'm currently feeling better. I didn't end up with strep throat. My unknown illness finally settled in my chest and became bronchitis. It's starting to ease up and soon I'll sound like myself again.

Well, I'm going to go now and watch some more of The Office as I grade papers and write lesson plans. I hope you'll leave a comment for me and help feed my addiction to blogging.....I'd like to think that I make the world just a little brighter with my random thoughts.



Carrie said...

you do make the world a brighter place!! :)

Tracy said...

Tacky Christmas lights make the workd a brighter place, too. Pair them with Tassie and you'll need some of those Blueblocker shades David loves so much. I thought you were kidding about the dial-up. Dang. At least give us a hint on the good-smellin' Plug in. Which letter would the wrapper represent on your alphabet bulletin board? You don't have to worry about me purcasing all of them as I'm sure Big Pine Winn Dixie will not get new stock for at least three years.

Anonymous said...

SteinMart has both Hallowe'en and Christimas decorations on display; tasteful tributes to pagan customs. Check 'em out.
Glad your diagnosis was off target; I hate to think of you with strep throat. You have too many good things to say to be inhibited by some vile malady.