Friday, August 1, 2008

What Does It Mean When You Watch The Same Shows As Your Kid?

Okay, for those of you who know me, when I say Raelynn you know who I'm talking about. For those of you just joining us, she is my daughter. She is 7. She will tell you she is 7 and 1/ she really knows what that means. I want to tell her to stay young as long as possible, because a day will come when you want to be younger, not older. So in a nutshell...she is an only child and all girl. When you add the fact that I waited awhile to have her, you get a recipe for someone who is unique in character (or at least I think so!)

Raelynn likes pink. She wears it everyday. Her second favorite color is purple. Interestingly, my favorite color is purple-second favorite? pink. Is this a merely a coincidence? Read on..... she, like me is addicted to television. Up until about a year or so ago, her favorite shows were Dora the Explorer and Strawberry Shortcake. I'm sorta over them. Apparently, so is Raelynn. Her new favorite show is "Hannah Montana." This may not sound strange, but if you take into account that I also enjoy this show, it all starts to add up. She's trying to be like me. Or is she?

There are times that I think I need to be more like her. She is a bit naive about people. She thinks everyone loves her as much as I do. She hasn't had that big heartbreak experience yet. When I think about her outlook on life, I realize she's pretty happy. Happier than I am most of the time. If you went around thinking that everyone loved you, wouldn't you be pretty happy too? Along those same lines, she also thinks she is smart, beautiful, and talented (which as her mother I can say she truly is...this is a fact, not an opinion!) Again, she doesn't doubt herself. Another good trait to have. She likes to sing, act, dance, paint, read.....the list goes on and on. She has fun everywhere she goes. Hmmmm.....this sounds like something I also want to have.

So, in short, I think that I may be trying to be more like my daughter. She loves everyone, trusts everyone, and loves who she is. Doesn't it sound like we need more of this attitude in our lives? So, I will pick up my hairbrush and sing at the top of my lungs the next time Hannah Montana comes on tv. Because you know, with my daughter's outlook on life, I think I too can have the "Best of Both Worlds." Rock on fellow bloggers, rock on!!!!

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Carrie said...

she's so cute! can she just bottle up her positive attitude and give me some? because I'm just running short right now and I cant figure out how to fix it... :(