Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I Became A Believer

So, as some of you know, I was born and raised in Key West, Florida. I lived there my whole life except for college and for the past 6 years. Both college and the last 6 years have been in Starkville. Yes, you read that correctly. I have only lived in two places in my whole life. Some other time, I'll get into how much I really don't like change.

But back to my random thoughts. Most people think of the Keys as a laid-back place where everyone wears shorts and flip flops all year round. And you'd be right in thinking that because, for the most part, it's true. Except for me. I did wear shorts in Key West (and truth be told I wear them a lot in Mississippi too) but I have never been a fan of flip flops. There's something about having that thing between my toes. I have never liked how shoes with the thing between the toe felt. I vaguely remember my mother buying me an uncomfortable pair of sandels with the between the toe thing, and she made me wear them. I hated them. When I got old enough to buy my own shoes with my own money, I invested in great shoes. I like shoes with really good arch support and have found that Birkenstocks and Tevas really are comfortable and supportive of your feet. If you don't know about these shoes, let me just tell you , they are great but they are really expensive. Did I mention I'm a teacher? Teacher and poor are synonyms.

Some time this summer I was with David on one of his many Lowe's trips. Raelynn calls this the "man store." How right she is. Not wanting to look and hammers and plywood, Raelynn and I visited some of the other stores in this shopping center to pass the time. We wandered into a shoe store. I love shoes. Well, they had this really neat display of Yellow Box flip flops. Lots of people wear these and I always liked the look of them but they had the between the toe thing so I never even tried them. Well, with time to kill while David was at the man store, I tried some really cute polka dot ones. I was so surprised to find how comfortable they were! So I bought them. I ended up liking them so much that about a month later I bought some cute sequin ones too. Everything looks good in sequins. Sometime, I plan on buying some more of them to wear to work. They look cute and feel great. If you've been on the fence about flip flops, you should try these.
Someday, I make it back to Key West. I've already got the shorts and now that I've got some flip flops, I'll finally fit in and not look like a tourist. Peace out!


Anonymous said...

Try Ebay for Birkenstocks--much more reasonable than the retail stores/TV shopping networks, etc. You just need to know what your Euro size is and you're good to go. A lot of people like those Kino sandals they make down in Key West, but I think they're nasty in the extreme.

Crystal said...

I hopped on the Yellow Box bandwagon too. I love them. I've never considered myself a "shoe person" but I like these so much I have 6 pair.

Carrie said...

do you have teva flip flops? they're great too!