Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Labor Day List Of Stuff To Do

So most people are spending their Labor Day weekend visiting people or just relaxing. Not me. Did I mention that I'm a teacher? Or that I'm totally a type-A workaholic? So a long weekend for me just means I have more time to get things done. As a serious type-A person, I love lists. I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I can make a list of things to do and I can check them off when I'm done. I carry a calendar with me to school to record due dates, special events, meetings, and other fun work related stuff. I totally enjoy crossing through the day when I get to work. Yes, that's right....I don't wait until the day is over to count that day. I figure that if I'm out of bed, dressed, and at work, the hard part is over. I go ahead and count that day and cross that baby off in my calendar.

So having said that, I thought I'd share my not-so-exciting Labor Day to-do list. Mind you, this is a list of things I'd like to do, but the reality of what I get done is a completely different story.

1) Stalk my friend Vicki's blog. She's currently in China for 2 weeks wrapping up a 3-year adventure in adopting a little girl named Emily.

2) Get dressed. Currently I'm in my pajamas as I'm typing this.

3) Call in my prescriptions to Wal-Mart. After all, yesterday was payday so I've got a little money in the bank.

4) Go to Wal-Mart and pick up prescriptions and walk around in a stupor and put useless things I don't need in my cart then pay too much for them. (Read earlier post about the evils of Wal-Mart.)

5) Watch my latest movie from Netflix, "The Banger Sisters."

6) Go back into town and return my latest movie from Netflix, "The Banger Sisters."

7) Grade mountains of papers.

8) Complain about the crick in my neck from the above mention mountain of graded papers.

9) Watch the Weather Channel to keep updated on the whereabouts of Hurricane Gustav and Tropical Depression Hanna.

10) Praise the Lord regularly that I don't live in the Florida Keys anymore because I'd be totally freaked out about the above mentioned hurricanes.

11) Call my mother. I like to check in with her everyday.

12) Finish writing my lesson plans. Don't get me started on this one.

13) Watch the "John and Kate Plus 8" marathon on Monday. I really like this show. Kate is a total control freak like me and I enjoy watching her lose it.

14) Have a tea party with Raelynn. Actually, this has already happened today but I'm sure that I'll have several more before the weekend is over.

15) Remind Raelynn several times to clean her room from the tea parties she will host this weekend.

16) Check Facebook. I've already done this today but will probably do it many more times today. My current status on Facebook is, "Tassie is glad she's facebook friends with you."

17) Think of more topics I can write about in my blog. Any suggestions are welcome, please leave a comment. I really enjoy checking to see if anyone has read what I wrote.

18) Check email many times to see if anyone has commented on my most recent blog post.

19) Read chapters one and two in my book Strategies That Work for my graduate class.

20) Wipe up drool from falling asleep while reading for my graduate class.

21) Encourage David as he and his dad work on the carport today. I will also be making frequent trips to town to get ice for the cooler of Gatorade they have outside.

22) Cough, wheeze, and feel miserable. I am sick and couldn't see the doctor this week. (Read earlier post on "My Excuse Note for Being Absent" where I talk about the evils of the medical community.)

23) Clean my house. My sister-in-law (my brother's wife AND my husband's sister-that's right, a brother/sister married a brother/sister), my niece Sable, and her new baby Jayden are coming to visit. My sister-in-law is a clean freak.

24) Sleep. I love to sleep and don't do it near as much as I'd like or need.

25) Read my new People magazine. This should kill about an hour. (Read earlier post "I Totally Know Good Literature" where I talk about the attraction of this magazine.)

26) Go to school and enter grades into the computer, clean my classroom, and get distracted by talking with other teachers also there to enter grades and to clean.

Okay, as I look over this list, it looks very ambitious. I don't know if I'll get it done or not, but I certainly will kill myself trying. I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful long weekend, and if you don't have any time off- I feel for you....I'm working too, just check my long to-do list.


Crystal said...

Sounds like a pretty ambitious list. Remember, you're the one who says that everything takes twice as long and cost twice as much as you expect! But even if you do half of what's on your list, you'll be doing a lot. I hope you'll get to feeling better soon!

Carrie said...

I went to school last night at 7 to enter my grades. not going back till tuesday morning...of course, I still have lesson plans to do at some point this weekend...ugh.

Tracy said...

Okay, I've been lurking but I just have to post. . .
You do realize that Gustav is going to impact your area worse than the Keys, right? I mean, I'm sitting in my jammies, too, watching Cuda scamper about in the yard enjoying a light breeze. In the background, Mississippi, LA, and the deep South in general is heading for the high country. You should be nice and safe, but you may want to get David to shore up that tarp before it becomes a magic carpet! In case you conquer Mt. Papers-to-Grade, here are some topics I'd like to see. . .
The crappiest house on your block (plethora of details), the trailers across the street, more on the chicken coop (you have no idea how intriguing that is to me), the b-b-q pit and its current use, your critters, top ten things to do in rural Mississippi, Southern menu options (not found elsewhere), Sean wants to hear about movie theater politics, items you notice in most W-Mart carts while in line (here it is beer), and anything which is uniquie to your area in general. Say hi to the family! I'll do a drive-by Cindy Ave. this weekend and give you a full report.

Karen said...
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Karen said...

OOPS sorry about the last post, I had to remove it as I had it listed in the wrong order. So here I go again. My Mom married my Dad (sorta glad that worked out LOL) and her sister married my Dad's brother. So I guess that is a brother/sister married and another brother/sister married. Pretty cool huh?