Saturday, August 23, 2008

A 3 o'clock Mystery

So let me start by saying that I missed blogging yesterday. It was a long day at work and I ended up falling asleep as soon as I got home. I then decided to blog last evening, in the off chance that anyone checked or cared....I spent about an hour trying to put together a post about technology. Ironically, I couldn't master the technology with all the pic downloads, so I gave up and went to bed. So here I am again, but with a different topic. Let's hope that this one takes!

I love to sleep. This has been a relatively new "hobby" of mine. I've always been a perky morning person, and I believe I still am. I guess to get a definitive answer on this, you'd have to ask someone that sees me in the morning. When Raelynn came along, I don't think I slept for about 3 years. I was one of those mothers that went to check on their child if they sniffled and then again if they didn't make any sound at all. Like I said, I didn't get a full night's sleep in over three years. After I was able to sleep through the night, I found myself waking up early,even on the weekends. Early like 6 or 7 in the morning. I wouldn't set a clock, my body would just naturally wake up. Just so you know, David is the exact opposite. He also enjoys sleeping but he's a true night owl. He'll go to bed sometimes around 2 or 3 in the morning, and then sleep about 5 or 6 hours and then get up. If he gets too much sleep he can be difficult to deal with. Not enough sleep and he has trouble focusing on tasks and is more quiet than normal. So when I would get up at 6 AM on a Saturday, I try to keep it quiet around the house so I don't wake him. Raelynn has always gotten up early, so she and I would play and hang out till David woke up.

A new phenomenon that has made a showing in my life as of late is that I wake up every night at 3:00 AM. I'm going to stop here and say that no, it's not because I've set my alarm for that time. It seems that my body clock knows that 3 AM is here and I must be awake to observe it. The times do vary a little from about 2:45 to 3:30, but most nights it's within a 10 minute range of 3 o'clock. I'm not sure why this is. When I wake up, I automatically look at the clock and check the time. If it's around 3 I don't feel bad because I've got two more hours until I have to get up for work. If I wake up around 4:30 or so (this would be after my regular 3:00 wakeup) I'd get real bummed because that's only 30 minutes until the alarm will go off. It's hard to get back into a deep sleep in 30 minutes. Sometimes when this happens I'll just doze off a little, trying to get every last second of sleep I can manage, and other times I just go ahead and get up. On those days I'm dragging at school. A recent ailment of mine (I won't go into it for fear of sounding like some senior citizen-that I'm not-when you ask how they are and they go on and on about their afflictions) has restricted my intake of caffeine, so I'm slow-moving until I get to work. There have been times that I've gone by Strangebrew Coffee House on my way to work (which really isn't on my way, I have to go across town past work to get there) and gotten some fancy,expensive coffee that I can say but not spell that would pump some life back into me. Those are the good days. The other days I have to get by on my charm and personality. :-)

So I'm not sure why I get up at 3 AM. I've tried going to bed earlier, but that doesn't help. I asked David if I snore and I'm waking myself up but he assures me that isn't it either. It's really a mystery. Perhaps I should look at it as a way to increase my productiveness by getting a 2 hour jump start on my day. I'm not sure what I would do except to think of ways I could get more sleep. I hope all of you have a good evening tonight and if you should happen to be up at 3 AM, know that I'll be up too, but probably not having as much fun as you are.

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jessica said...

well i've heard lots of things about 3am. None of which are probably any good. 3am is supposed to be when your body is weakest and most vulnerable to sickness. also, 3am is suppose to be the middle of the night, at which point your body starts to prepare for the next day's activities and work. so that's when it sort of switches into gear. 3 am is also the bewitching or devils hour. christ supposedly died at 3pm. so the complete opposite of that(the devil) is 3am. haha. all of these i know nothing about. i've just heard about them and thought i'd share them with you.