Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Few Of My Perceptions...In Case You Were Curious

So today was an interesting day. I can tell that the pace of my life is picking up when I really have to stop and think of a topic for posting. I am looking forward to my mom's homemade, tasty mac and cheese tonight! (See earlier post for information on my codependence on this yummy, cheesy wonder.) I so need it to be the weekend. Does anyone else ever feel like the daily events of their life have a motion all their own outside of our control? Looking for the bright spot in the chaos is something I'm working on. Really, folks, it's all about how you choose to view things. Having said that, here are my perceptions on a few things.
1) I'm not crazy. They're crazy. This is what I tell myself whenever I think that I'm losing my mind. I may be the one that's nutty at the time, but if I choose to believe that it's someone else who's nutty, then I don't feel bad.
2) I'm not fat, I'm fluffy. Interpret that how you will...all I know, it sounds better than saying I'm a heifer.
3) If you don't like me, then what's wrong with you? This is a favorite saying of mine. For those of you that know me, I'm incredibly easy to get along with ( It must be due to my overwhelming need to have your approval... please add my link to your blog, so I'll know that you love me!)
4) Me on the phone to Jessica: "This is my time to be desperate. I'll call you later and you can have your turn." I never thought how true this is. We all need someone to unload to.
5) Everything takes longer and costs more than you expect. I've said this a number of times to my husband. He's an optimist. He honestly thinks that whatever he's doing will "just take a minute." I tend to be more of a realist. If you don't believe me, just time me during my next trip to Wal-mart.
6) Life is good. I love my life and all the wonderful people in it. If I dwelled on the negative stuff all the time, would you be reading this right now?
Face it....you love me and don't even know me. That's okay....because "I'm not crazy, you're crazy!
PS If anyone knows how to accurately add a counter to their blog, can you post a response telling me how to do it?

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