Friday, August 15, 2008

An Ode To My Senses, With Special Love For My Nose

Some of you have been following my random posts for awhile. If you do, then you are already aware of my auditory issues. I know you'll be patient as I try to recap the highlights for the newbies that may be joining us.

This summer I lost a significant amount of hearing in my left ear. My ENT doctor diagnosed it as being viral. Many days and enough steroids to kill an elephant later, I had some improvement, but still way below normal hearing. Now that the meds are gone, I feel my hearing has gotten worse. I miss the days of having a conversation with someone and not having to say, "Huh? What?" And it's really hard to hear if there is a ton of background noise. Try eating lunch with 400 nine and ten-year-olds and hear the person across from you. In normal circumstances that's a hard thing to do and with my condition, it's next to impossible. So it's been on my mind how much I miss having full capacity of my senses. I've harped on my ear long enough, so I wanted to share some my nasal history.

I've always had allergies. In fact, I've used this as an excuse to successfully get out of doing yardwork for many years now. The only doctor's diagnosis was that my orthodontist told me I had a deviated septum when I was 10. This meant nothing to me at the time. Fast forward to 5 years ago when I moved to Mississippi. For the first year and a half, I literally could not breathe. I was taking all sorts of sinus and allergy medicine about every 4 hours in the hopes of getting rid of my constant congestion. My ENT doctor here in Starkville (the same one that diagnosed my hearing problem) performed my FESS (Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery) surgery to rectify the situation. Basically he fixed the deviated septum and roto-rootered my nose and sinuses. Since then, I've been able to breathe clearly. Even with a cold. Even with sinus infections. (Side note-when I get colds and sinus infections, I can breathe but not taste. This doesn't seem to effect the amount or frequency of my eating.) Since the surgery, I've come to pay more attention to things around me and their smells. Here is a partial list of things that I think smell good (or at least interesting):

1) Bug Spray- most especially Off brand. I don't like bugs, so this is a great invention. I don't know why I like the smell of bug spray because I hate the outdoors.

2) Hawaiian Tropic Suntan Lotion- I think this reminds me of growing up in Key West. This is strange because we didn't frequent the beach growing up. But it smells like the beach which reminds me of Key West.

3) The Obvious- Cooking food smells great--especially if someone else is doing the cooking.

4) My Pillow and Bed-I could stay in my bed forever. Part of it is due to the smell, the rest is just sheer comfort.

5) Permanent Markers- Not the Sharpie kind, but the old-school metal marker with a tan and white stripes. Those things smell great.

6) Bookstores and Libraries- I like the smell of books. I think that I could work in a bookstore and enjoy it a lot.

7) New Plastic Shower Curtains-This one is a strange one to explain. If you've every purchased a new plastic shower curtain, then you know how the scent can knock you off your feet. I love that smell!

8) Flowers-Most especially roses and gardenias. These are my faves.

9) Gasoline and Rubber Cement- I'm sure the fumes from both of these are toxic, but I assure you that I don't spend large amounts of time sniffing rubber cement or gasoline while I'm pumping.

10)Vanilla Glade Plug-In- This is the scent I have in my classroom. The smell of vanilla is supposed to bring calmess to people. I don't think I agree with that. When I was pregnant, I went through a period when I wanted all my bath products and perfume to be vanilla scented. Maybe I was craving cake and didn't realize it at the time.

11) New Car Smell- I really like this smell, but not the fake kind they put in bottles.

12) Campfires and burning fireplaces- This is a smell that I associate with Mississippi. In Key West, it never quite cools off enough to make a fire and also because no one in Key West has a fireplace.

13) Baby Magic Lavendar Calming Milk Bath- I have trouble finding this in stores now. It was my favorite baby soap for Raelynn. I think they should make it for adults too.

14) Safeguard Soap- I wish this soap was made in liquid form. Our local Kroger carries this soap in their restrooms and it's the only place I've seen the pump soap. I've thought about trying the bar soap, but Raelynn likes to play with it so that'll be a waste.

15) Clean Laundry-This may be due to the soap (original Gain) I use, the fabric softener (blue Snuggle bottle,) or the dryer sheets I use (linen fresh Febreze.) The combination makes for very nice smelling clothes.

16) Live Christmas Trees- come on...who doesn't love Christmas?

17) Crayons and Most School Supplies-I've posted a piece that I wrote for a class this summer entitled, "Crayon Sniffer." I was very proud of this piece.

Well, I was hoping to make it to twenty but I'm very tired and falling asleep as I post. I'm going to put on my nightgown that smells of Gain, Snuggles, and Febreze and enjoy sleeping on my bed and pillow. If you get a chance, thank your nose. Because not being able to smell really stinks...

PS- For those of you requesting photos of the tarp/circus tent in my backyard as well as the mobile chicken coop.....I have STUPID DIAL UP and it takes forever to load pictures. Sorry!


Crystal said...

I love the list. Some of those I totally agree with but plastic shower curtains, that is just weird :-) I hung one last week and the smell drove me crazy. You should post your "Crayon Sniffer" piece on your blog, I'd love to read it.

I hope you have a great weekend, I know you must be needing it after this week.

Notmy Realname said...

I suppose you're way too young to remember the smell of papers fresh out of the ditto maching at school; the writing appeared in a lovely shade of purple, which as I recall, is one of your favorite colors. Ask your mom or dad; they would know what I'm talking about.

Carrie said...

I dont know who that is above me, but I remember those purple ditto sheets from when I was in 3rd or 4th grade. but I dont really remember how they smelled...

anyway, some of your smells you like are gas, rubber cement, and permanent markers...UGH! yuck!

but actually, I like that shower curtain smell too...and you know I love crayons.... :)

Anonymous said...

Shower curtains smell great but Sir Marks-A-Lot markers are the best smelling items ever. The paper you write on with those retains the smell for days and it's probably fairly safe to smell by then. And what about acrylic nails? The fumes may make you stupid but they sure smell great.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is so great. I look forward to it daily.

Anonymous said...

You must be glad that you no longer live in Key West, fireplaces or no, since it looks like they will be wiped out on Monday or Tuesday by's a great day to reside near StarkVegas!

Anonymous said...

When I was growing up, I always BEGGED my mom to let me sniff the match she would use to light her cigarettes (after she blew it out of course)...ya gotta love the smell of THAT...SM