Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Fridge Would Never Be Featured In Better Homes and Gardens

So I've got a few blogging topics tucked away in case I develop writer's block and each day I blog, I get a sudden inspiration for my next post. Coincidence? I think not! So of course when I received a gift today and was inspired, I knew I needed to share this quirk with you.

I believe there are three types of people in the world: those with refrigerators covered in magnets, those that have no refrigerator magnets, and those with no refrigerators, hence no need for the magnets. I'm not going to pass judgement on those who choose to have their refrigerator be a blank canvas in their kitchen. I'm sure the clean exterior of your fridge accentuates your beautiful kitchen. Me, I don't have this problem. I see the refrigerator as a way to express my thoughts (one magnet says "You can never be too rich or have too many cookies) and a place to display all the places I've traveled (and some that I haven't but look like I have thanks to dear, sweet friends.)

I think that the hobby of collecting refrigerator magnets must start when you finally live alone. The way I figure it, either your mom collects fridge magnets and you hate it and don't continue the legacy when on your own, or your mom was like mine....blank canvas in the kitchen, so I had to do the exact opposite and cover the entire surface area of my refrigerator with magnets, magnets, and more magnets! There does come a point at which your refrigerator can have too many magnets, and I think I may be getting there soon. I've currently got mine categorized on the fridge by subject...all my Disney ones are together, all my foreign magnets are together, and all the kid-friendly ones (AKA if this gets lost I won't get too upset) are within my daughter's reach. I think that if I eventually fill every nook and cranny I will have to find some other surface to attach them to...I think that the oven hood would be a good place and since it's eye level, it will be easy to admire.

I started by buying my own magnets. My mom collected rocks and postcards from her travels and none of them ever ended up where we could see them to remember the trips. I knew that whatever I chose to collect had to be fun, inexpensive (after all I am a teacher), and functional. Magnets fit that bill. I think that my own purchasing of magnets has decreased, in part, because I haven't traveled much since moving to Mississippi. But I do have some great friends and family members that travel to exotic places. Case in point, the parent of an ex-student brought me a magnet today from Norway. Norway! I was tickled pink, because really...what are the odds that I'll ever get to Norway? Slim and none I say...and slim just left town.

I'm guessing that people that are uber-OCD don't have magnets on their fridge. They probably feel it looks too busy. I thought this too, but I got over it. I saw it as an opportunity to display my OCD skills by categorizing them. I have to tell you that when you do this and you have children, they don't understand your need to organize them and will move them around to suit their own needs. Raelynn knows how to use a chair to get what she wants so I had to get over being upset when she moved my magnets. She does know they are important to me and I'm happy to report that none of them are missing.

So, if you ever go anywhere exciting and are looking for a cheap present to buy me, I'd love a magnet that I can add to my growing collection. Every time I look at it, I'll think of you!

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