Thursday, July 31, 2008

If A Washing Machine Had Wheels, My David Could Drive It!

Okay, so I have to ask...did anyone miss me? It seems that I've added another addiction to my arsenal. My first is facebook . I'm now adding blogging to the growing list! How will I make when I go back to work and have less time for these "hobbies?" Sending a shout-out to my friend Crystal who I think enjoys blogging as much as I do!

So on to today's ramblings. For those of you who are movie buffs, you may recognize this post title as a quote from the movie, "Apollo 13." Tom Hanks' character's mom (that grammar looks so wrong!) says this (except instead of David, she says Jimmy) to Neil Armstrong as she is awaiting his return from space. It's a good movie. If you haven't seen it, you should. Get Netflix...I'm enjoying it so much!

Which brings me to husband David is a very gifted driver. I don't just mean how he drives, because he's good at that too, but really my focus today is more on what he can drive.

Yesterday, I went with David to help him cut up some tree limbs at a rental property for my dad. David took the truck and our trailer and off we went! I was sitting in the truck, not really looking forward to doing yard work 'cause I hate to sweat, and then David amazes me by backing into this teeny, tiny driveway with our ginormous truck and trailer. And he hit his mark dead on the first time. I know I couldn't do that. David pulls our car hauling trailer and his dad's borrowed horse trailer and makes it look so easy. He has really good spatial sense and hasn't wrecked any (at least as far as I know.) I once tried to drive our lawnmower with a small trailer and almost had an emotional meltdown because I couldn't back up about 4 feet. So you can see why I'm impressed.
Since I've already mentioned the lawnmower, I'll talk about that next. When we moved to Mississippi and bought our house and land, we invested in a lawnmower. Let me state here that I don't do yardwork. I appreciate nature from a distance, but I don't enjoy sweating or digging in the dirt. David thought if we got a riding lawnmower that I'd enjoy cutting the grass. I think I've done that twice in the past 5 years. It's not because I can't drive's more because I don't understand all the gears and handles and stuff that you have to remember when stopping and starting this machine. Again, David is a master of the riding lawnmower. He cuts our yard and pasture and frequently takes the mower to my parents' house and cuts their lawn too. He hasn't wrecked on this thing either and makes it look so easy.

Yes, that's right....David can drive an 18 wheeler. In an earlier post, I mentioned that I met David many years ago just as he was entering truck driving school. He drove cross country for awhile way back then, and just within the past couple of years, drove a truck for a local company as a summer job. I've always heard David tell stories from his days as a trucker, and I got the chance to experience first hand! I went with David on one of his trips when he drove during the summer. He was able to find his way in an unknown area, back up expertly, and not plow over any slow drivers. (Come on people...check your mirrors...if a truck is behind you, either speed up or move over and let them pass!) These big trucks have like a gagillion gears, knobs, handles, etc. It made my head hurt. He did an awesome job!

He can also drive a motorcycle. Back when I first met David I was 17. I had very limited experience on motorcycles, so naturally I was scared of them. I met David, liked what I saw, and when he asked me to go riding with him one sunny, summer day, I agreed. Let's just say that I enjoyed sitting on the back of his motorcycle, hanging on to him, and feeling the wind on my face. Everything was fine until we stopped for a little while and the motorcycle wouldn't start again! David, of course, fixed the problem. In case you didn't know...David is also a mechanic. He's the kind of guy you can say, "Hey David, my car is making this noise...(insert bad imitation of car noise) and he can tell you what is wrong with your car. But anyway, he had a motorcycle for awhile and someday I think he'll get another one. If he does, I know I'll still enjoy riding with him.

I feel like this a given, but I wanted to include it. David enjoys riding bicycles. We used to do more of this when Raelynn was smaller, but lately we haven't found the time. When Raelynn is a little older, David will continue giving her bike riding lessons that he started last year. He is a good bike rider. Me, on the other hand...not so much. I was involved in a car accident while on my bike when I was 9 and I've never mentally recovered. I don't feel safe on a bike and I'm a very timid bike rider. He still loves me anyway!

I may be dating myself here, but I am a talented skater. I feel I need to say this since so far, I haven't painted a great picture about my driving abilities. My parents used to own a skating rink, and I worked there. I got lots of skate time in, so I became pretty good. David made friends with the guy who owns our local skating rink many years ago, so he also got lots of skate time in. When we were "courting" many years ago, we went skating several times. I really enjoyed this, especially the "couples only" skates. He is an accomplished skater. We enjoyed skating around and around and around (in front of our parents no less.)
I think the only thing that has wheels that David doesn't know how to drive is an airplane. I'm betting that if he had enough practice, he'd master that too. I don't know if this counts, but he can also drive a tank. It has some wheels.
All I know is....If I have to trust my safety with anyone on anything with wheels, David is my guy. (That's right....he's mine and not don't hate!)

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I missed your blogging yesterday and was pleased to see that you had returned today. I hope that going back to work won't interfere with the important stuff like blogging! Have a great year...