Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Mom and My New Hobby

So tomorrow is my mom's birthday. I didn't remember until this morning on my way to church. She's this incredible woman and her favorite hobby is shopping, especially at Wal-Mart. If shopping for a bargain was an Olympic sport, she'd be the gold medal winner. So after church, David, Raelynn, and I went to Wal-Mart for him to look for wasp spray and for me to find something for my mom. Not an easy thing to do. The woman goes shopping almost everyday and pretty much buys whatever she wants.

So I spent lots of time in the garder center. Mom loves plants. Me- I can't keep fake plans alive. Raelynn chose some nice orange begonias for mom, and I chose a purple type of daisy. I hope she likes them. I then thought about Mom and her Red Hatters. She's totally into it. She's got more purple outfits and red hats than the law allows. Once a month or so, her Red Hat sisters and her go out for dinner or lunch and ham it up. I thought....why not make her some beaded eyeglass holders? I've been wanting to get into beading for awhile and this seemed like the best time to start...after all, I still have Raelynn's closet clean-out that I keep putting off.

Let me just say, I had a real good time making it. I think that I could enjoy this alot. Who knows how long it'll take until I get good at it. Maybe then I could make some money at it. And since I've been feeling crazy anyway, (see previous posting about my current health condition and the meds that might help) I think it's a good way to keep me from going even more insane. I've tried basketweaving and it was very hard. When you see that in movies and they make it look easy, it's a lie.
So, one last thing before I go....I'm still learning how to blog. My computer at home is quirky and I have STUPID DIAL-UP. When I loaded the three pictures above (first is a shot of my mom's eyeglass holder, the second is some random beads, and the last is a picture of my mom and Raelynn at Christmas) it literally took 7 minutes to load each picture. I desperately need blogging help!
Have a great one people! I'm over and out!

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