Friday, July 25, 2008

The Tassie Show

So on to today's ramblings. I've sorta felt weird today, almost like I'm having an out-of-body experience. I think that the steroids I was taking for my ear (see earlier posts) have totally messed with my system. I don't really feel like "me"-whoever that is today!

My day started with several errands that I ran with David and Raelynn. We currently have some home improvement projects going at our house. One of those errands was walking about Lowe's. They usually have enough stuff there to interest me and I bring a book for the times when there's nothing to look at. You can only look at padlocks and hammers for so long people.

I went to work in my classroom for a little bit, and it totally wiped me out. I had to sit down and rest from all the work. I think the steroids did a number on me! I still have several things I need accomplish in my classroom, so hopefully I will get some work time in next week--it all depends on how the home improvement projects are going!

I called Jessica because that's what I do most her or see her in person. I know once school begins my social life will disappear. I've been trying to make my summer count! After that I got my hair cut. I go to a fabulous place-Tracy's Tresses here in Starkville. If you are looking for a good place to get your hair done, see Tracy, Elizabeth, or Kristen...they'll fix you right up!

So for the randomness....I said earlier that I feel like I'm having an out-of-body experience. Part of that is paranoia. I feel like either I am the star of my own reality show, or perhaps my life is like that movie, The Truman Show. Any minute, some camera equipment will fall from the sky and I'll realize that my life is actually a movie and all aspects of my life are "planted." I really liked this movie and for awhile afterwards, I secretly thought that people were filming me for my own "show." I'm still waiting for confirmation of this or at the very least, an invite to a red carpet event because I'm famous and I just don't know it yet. This is one movie that if you haven't seen it yet, you really need to rent it. I'm currently enjoying Netflix, and highly recommend it!

Another show that I've been thinking about is "Oblivious" that came out on Spike several years ago. The host was Regan Burns, who can be seen in various commercials and hosting some movie trivia show on USA or TBS or something. The cool thing about this show was that it was a game show that you didn't even know you were on. Regan Burns would just walk up to people and ask random things..."Who was the third president of the United States?" If you could recover from the shock of being asked something random like this from a complete stranger, and answer the question correctly, he'd hand you some money. This show made me laugh so hard and I was sad when it stopped coming on TV. It joins the ranks of "Joan of Arcadia" and "Friends." These are some shows I also miss.
School is looming near, my work is piling up, and yet I sit here and blog. I should be doing something more constructive so I won't freak out next week. I think that I'll go now, I feel like the cameras are coming in for their close-up and I'm starting to get paranoid.

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Crystal said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog too. I put a link to you on mine as well. Boy, those steroids can be rough, I was on them 4 or 5 times in the last year.
I didn't really quit, I just chose not to renew my contract for this year. I left on good terms. There are several reasons I left. It was costing me fortune to drive so much every day - 70 miles round trip each day. It's a tough district to teach in too. You know you told me how your first year was at Ward-Stewart? I had 3 years like that, I just needed a break from it all. And Wesley is going to be finishing his PhD sometime in the spring and if he gets a job in another town before the school year is over, I didn't want to be stuck here or try to get out of a contract.
So, anyway, keep in touch and maybe we can get together and do something during one of those times when your social life is "raisins."