Friday, July 11, 2008

So I have found my calling in life....modeling!

Hi everyone! Okay, I'm posting twice in the same day- don't freak out! Actually, I looked back over my blog and well, it just sounds depressing. I have been in a little of a slump lately, but there really is a funny side of me!
So, I was cruising around the internet looking for images for a school project I am doing. Let me stop here and say that even though I technically don't work "at school" in the summer, I work everyday. If I'm not making something for school, I'm reading about school, or at the very least thinking about school and how I can make it better. But back to the story...... I googled (don't you love google??) purple star for the covers of my students' STAR notebooks (If you really want to know about this amazing organizational tool, let me know and I'll fill you in) and this was an image that I found. Now normally, when I look at magazines (and People is my fave) I just don't relate to anyone I see on any of the pages. Really. But when I saw this photo, I thought..."This is me!" I have this same wig and headband. This model's eyes are brown and mine are green, but really, this is how I appear most Fridays at school. One of my goals this year will be take more pictures of me and my getups. I think I may teach one of my students how to use my camera and make that a classroom job. I think fourth graders can handle that, don't you?
So you may be this someone that teaches the youth of America? How do these kids focus? And how does Tassie live with all the ridicule? These are questions that I ponder as well. All I know, it works! If you had something this interesting to look at while you were learning about fractions, don't you think you would remember? Also, it's really hard to be in a bad mood when you're dressed up. And Fridays are my favorite day of the week. Most teachers would probably say Saturday was their favorite, but I disagree. By Saturday, your weekend is half over. On Friday, the anticipation of the weekend is much better than looking back over the weekend Monday morning. So I say, why not make the most of Fridays? Dress up! I must say that some of my more outlandish costumes can look a little much, but I enjoy it. There's nothing that says, "Take me seriously--I'm wearing glitter eyeliner and purple wig!" Try this costume out at Wal-Mart and people will seriously leave you alone.
So, first goal for the new school year, take and post pictures of my Friday Fun Wear and post on my blog. I have stupid dial up, but I can figure out a way to post if I put my pretty purple head to it.
No other goals just's summer and I'm a Super Model. Don't be hatin......

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Anonymous said...

I never thought about it that way, I just always knew that Friday is my favorite day of the week, but you are totally on about Saturday being halfway through the weekend! I've grown to enjoy Thursdays because I know that Friday is right around the corner...thanks for clarifying things!