Saturday, January 10, 2009

Old Pictures Take Me Back

So some of my friends on facebook have been scanning and posting old pictures. It's been very interesting. I joined the bandwagon and posted some of my own. Maybe sometime I'll post some of them here, if you're interested in seeing me as a youngster.

This particular photo was taken on a sunset catamaran cruise. I had a great time. A friend took this picture and then sent it to me in the mail. I thought it pretty well summed me up. Anyway, I love this photo. Hope you enjoy it too!


Crystal said...

Cool Pic! Yeah I saved those search results. Every time I checked the Feedjt stats and saw a funny one, I would just type it into the post and kept saving it till I had enough to publish the post. I figured that would be better than no post at which is what I would have had today :-)

Menta Lee Hill said...

Love the special effect in the sunset picture; was that an end of the school year event?