Friday, November 7, 2008

Twilight, Trick-or-Treating, and Mental Health Days

So I told you that I wouldn't be posting for awhile. And I was right. I just finished reading Eclipse this morning before work. There is still another book in the series, but I think I want to see if I can hold off until I see the movie in a couple of weeks. I'm thinking of rereading the first book, even though I read it like 2 weeks ago so I'll be ready for the movie. I don't know.

There hasn't been too much to report this week. I did have a rough day on Thursday. Thanks to some friends and a visit to Old Venice, the day ended much better than it started. I really think that to make schools more efficient, a full time massage therapist should be on staff at each school. Someday when I'm independently wealthy, I'll go to massage therapy school, get licensed, and then volunteer my time at schools. Getting a massage is fabulous but expensive enough to not happen as often as I'd like. Guess I'll just have to settle for wearing my pj's to school on Pajama Day.

Raelynn went trick-or-treating this year for real for the first time. We did not plan this in advance, but just couldn't resist her current wide-eye wonder at it all. It seems that this year is the one where she really gets into every holiday. So we came home and gave her about 10 minutes to find a "costume" to wear using the elements she already had in her dress-up box. I think she was trying to be fairy princess, but she looked closer to a hobo with wings. We then whisked her off to the suburbs and did one section of one neighborhood. She had a blast. The weather was real cool, so I enjoyed walking around holding David's hand. Holding hands is great. When you have kids, you don't usually hold hands as much with your spouse as you do with your child. And you start calling your spouse "Mom" or "Dad." I swore I'd never be one those people.....and yet I am.

I will be out of school on Monday. I am required to go to a district training on mentoring new teachers. I spent 4 hours on lesson plans and gathering materials for the sub this afternoon. And that's not all. Snickers, our class guinea pig, is in rather bad shape. I'd hate to think he'd die over the weekend and the kids were faced with death first thing Monday morning. So, on top of the 4 hour long planning and preparation I spent today, I'll go in before work on Monday to take care of any "passings" that happen this weekend. (On a side note, I can't go to school on the weekends anymore, so I would if I could.) Why 4 hours you ask? I remember subbing and it's not easy. At all. I believe that leaving very detailed (and when I say very detailed, I mean anally detailed) lesson plans. It just works better for everyone that way. You might be wondering why I'm even mentioning that I'm going to be out, right? For me, this is huge. I never miss work. I don't know if it's this incredible work ethic I have or whether I'm just too lazy to spend 4 hours on lesson plans for one day. If I had somewhere interesting to go (a concert, a cruise, etc) I think I could talk myself into taking off. In all my years of teaching (and that's been a lot) I've never taken a mental health day. I wouldn't even know what to do on those days. If you have any ideas on what to do when playing hooky from work, please leave a comment.

So that's about it. Not much to say. I'm really enjoying the books I reading and not looking forward to the depression that will soon follow. I hope to be more present in the blogging world this week. Hint Hint: a comment now and then makes me feel loved, which in turn makes me want to post. So really, commenting is a win/win situation. I feel validated and you get more of my incredible wit. I know. It seems almost too good to be true.

See ya'll later..peace..I'm out!!!


LT (and Max) said...

1. i am also a firm believer that there should be a massage therapist at all schools. in fact, i believe that it should be REQUIRED that all teachers have massages at least once a week. that's just my opinion.
2. i hate preparing for subs as well. i do however believe that teachers SHOULD take a mental health day at least once or twice a year...for sanity purposes.
3. i love weekends.

Carrie said...

even though planning for the sub was not fun, I am very excited to be out on monday!! (but I guess I had a little easier time w/ my sub planning since I had a little help ;) haha....)

i'm glad you took raelynn trick or treating...I bet that was fun :)