Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ho Ho....Huh???

We all like Christmas surprises, right? I'm all for good know...winning the lottery, finding money, secret santa gifts....but I wasn't prepared for my UNpleasant Christmas surprise tonight!

OK...I know that snowglobes have water in them. I get it. I also know that they break from time to time. I know this because Raelynn loves snowglobes so much that she inevitably breaks them from too much lovin'. So imagine my surprise when I pulled out the Christmas decorations and found a ton of MOLD in the box!!!!!

Apparently what happened is that my Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus snowglobe broke in the decoration box sometime between Jan 1st and today. The water leaked out into the waterproof box (thereby trapping the liquid that caused the mold) and pretty much everything it touched was a nasty mess. Many Christmas items bit the dust tonight....Raelynn's stocking, all of the stocking holders that I got from Crate and Barrel that were incredibly cute, and many ornaments. Did I mention that I'm allergic to mold and mildew? Great.

So, after weeding through what was left of the Christmas decorations and cleaning out the bottom of the box of sludge and broken glass, I put up the Christmas tree and Raelynn helped me hang the ornaments. I have to say that she did a pretty good job of spacing them out so that the different colored ornaments weren't bunched up together. And to top that, she can totally carry a tune when she sings Christmas carols, which she did the entire time she hung ornaments. I much to be proud for.

So if there was a lesson to this cautionary tale it would be this: If you want to store seasonal snowglobes, wrap them in bubble wrap and wrap that in newspaper. Or better yet, leave your Christmas decorations up all year so they won't get broken during the storing process.


Carrie said...

oh my gosh, I would have cried.

I am so OCD about spacing out christmas ornaments on my takes me forever to decorate my tree b/c of that. oh well. it looks good to me now.

Kevin and Hope said...

Sorry to hear that about all of your Christmas decorations. Raelynn told me all about the incident Monday morning. (I have hall duty by Mrs. Bagwell's door on Monday mornings.) She is so funny! I love how she says "Hiiiii!" to me every time she sees me! :)

Vicki said...

Hello Mrs. Wonderful.
Back at school. Oh my. The feelings I have. Phew...We'll talk.
Love your postings as usual. You ARE a writer. No doubt.
One day -- Christmas break -- maybe? Let's DOOOOOOOOO. PLLLLLEEEEEZZZZ.
Hugs, Vicki

Anonymous said...

Honey, did the mold make you sick? You haven't blogged in nigh on to a week and I'm getting worried about you. Plus I miss your quirky insight into things.So get better and get to posting, even with your STUPID DIAL UP.