Saturday, November 22, 2008

I Give It An Enthusiastic Two Thumbs Up

So my public, and when I say that I mean all "one" of you, asked if I was going to review the movie "Twilight" that I've spent so much time blogging about. At some point I was going to mention it in one of my posts, but since I crave your acceptance and approval, I will review it now so I can please my fan(s).
As you may or may not know, I had a friend who rented a theater to have a private midnight showing on Thursday of last week. I don't think I've been to a midnight movie except to see "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" years ago. Since that is an audience participation movie and "Twilight" isn't, you really can't compare the two. I'm hoping that "Twilight" gets a cult following like Rocky Horror and it becomes an audience participation movie. That would be cool.
Since I work full time, going to a midnight movie means cutting into my sleep. Getting large amounts of quality sleep is not only important to me, it's absolutely crucial. I have a hard enough time making sense when I'm well rested, so trust me when I say that you don't want to be around me when I'm really tired. To prevent a total catastrophe at work, I came home after work and tried to take a couple of naps. Why two naps instead of one? Well....there was no way I was going to miss "Survivor" and "The Office." So I tried to sleep both before and after those shows. I think I got a total of about an hour of sleep. I laid in bed and thought about sleep, but it just wasn't happening. After the movie, I got about 2 hours of sleep before I had to go to work but surprisingly, I did okay the next day. Work was fine, but I did fall asleep at the kitchen table about 7 PM. I say all these because my opinion of the movie was filtered through lack of sleep, massive amounts of anticipation, and I had a large Diet Coke during the movie. No wonder I didn't sleep when I got home.
I looked up Roger Ebert's review of the movie and he gave it two and a half stars. Obviously he hasn't seen the movie OR read the book. I must say that I really liked this movie, but I think it's because I really love the books. There is no way to include all the book elements in a movie, but these people sure did try. The movie was very closely aligned with the book. Robert Pattison, who played Edward Cullen, was really dreamy in this movie. It took awhile for me to like his messed up hair, but by the end of the movie, I didn't even notice it anymore. Kristen Stewart played Bella Swan and she did a pretty good job too. She's very pretty. (I like the fact that Edward prefers brunettes!) I don't think the movie really spent enough time developing Bella's character so viewers could invest emtionally in her. I don't know if this actually could have happened since the book has lots of references from her thoughts and dreams...things that are harder to portray in a movie. The Edward character was dark and troubled, which is why Bella is so attracted to him. There were some points that I thought were rushed but if they did every little scene like I would have wanted, then the moive would have been 6 hours long. Having said that, overall I'd say this was a good movie and I'm glad that I went to see it. I'm even happier that I'm going to see it again on Tuesday with some other friends.
I really hope they make the other books into movies. The fans of the books are very passionate and loyal. I don't know of anyone that has read the books and didn't like them. I read the book before the movie twice, in the space of about 3 weeks. I'm debating about rereading it again. I still have the fourth book to read and I'm really trying to savor the anticipation. When I'm done reading that book I will feel as if there is nothing more to read. I think that I'll have just enough time to reread the sixth Harry Potter book before the movie comes out next summer. And when that's over???? Well, at that point, I hope to have a life. In the meantime, I'll continue to babble on and on.
I'm hoping that my next post will be about something other than "Twilight" and I'm sure you are looking forward to that. Since I crave your approval, I'm sure it will happen.


Carrie said...

am I your only fan?? you KNOW I'm a fan!! I know what you mean about not developing the characters enough b/c that's kinda how I felt about harry potter. I'm still not sure if I want to read twilight or not...I'm not convinced yet...haha...

Anonymous said...

So the picture was a "2 thumbs up"...what about the comida mexicana? Was it delicioso tambien? Enjoy your week off.