Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm So Over It Already

In one of my earlier posts, I discussed the over-enthusiastic groups (sometimes called "cults") that I belong to. One of them is that I have purchased not one, but two Saturn cars. The Saturn people pride themselves in their wonderful customer service. (If blogs could talk, you'd hear that last comment dripping with sarcasm.) I must admit that it's nice to not have the guys running at you in the parking lot and then pressuring you to buy a car. But the benefits of the "no hassle" purchasing techniques Saturn uses does not outweigh the negative aspects of owning one of these cars. Let me elaborate.

I've lived in two places in my life. Key West and Starkville. Even when I went to college I went here at MSU. Moving to Starkville, in some respects, was a step up for me. After all, I had never lived in a town that had a Wal-Mart before. The problem with not living in a large city is that I don't live near a Saturn dealership. Why does that matter, you might ask. When you have a Saturn that needs servicing, you gotta travel to all ends of the Earth to get some help. Why? Because the Saturn brainy types decided to make their car parts only available through a dealership. That's right people...if your Saturn needs some TLC, you can't just go to any mechanic to get it fixed.

Case in point....My Saturn has recently lost its "brake reservoir cap." I feel so proud of myself that I even know what that is now. Let's just say that I spent over an hour on the Internet, looking for this obscure part and came up with nothing. This afternoon David and I went to a parts store in town and came up with more of the same...nothing. Another trip took us to the Chevy dealership in town. Chevy now owns Saturn, but dice. They told us that they could do nothing but change the oil.... Saturn thinks they are so special so they keep the public from being able to fix their cars.... Did I mention that I live over 2 hours away from the nearest Saturn dealership? So now we have to call the nearest Saturn dealership (again over 2 hours away) and see if they can order this part and send it to us. Right now, we are using a juice lid, rubber band, and some leather strips to keep the makeshift cap in place. How janky.

Anyway....I'm over the whole thing. It has done nothing but add to my stress. What I could really use is a vacation. That would give me more time to worry about and locate that stupid brake reservoir cap....

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