Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Winter Woobies

Am I crazy or does everyone have some sort of woobie? For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about, woobie refers to an item that brings comfort. Remember the movie "Mr. Mom?" Michael Keaton tries to break his son's dependence on his blanket that the son calls a woobie. That thing was falling apart. I believe that in the movie it ripped and Michael Keaton repaired it by using a stapler. I don't have a blanket that I tote around, but there are a few items that bring me comfort when the weather gets cooler. Let me 'splain......

I'm a fan of cool weather. I'll even take cold weather over hot weather. There's something I love about the fall air, smoke rising from chimneys, pumpkin flavored everything, and it being cool enough to not sweat. It's my favorite season. So given that the weather has turned a little cooler, I was able to break out the woobies that have been waiting for me for quite awhile.

The first woobie that I adore in cooler weather is this pathetic Sports Illustrated sweatshirt that I took from my father a million years ago. I really like the way it fits me, how it feels, but certainly not how it looks. I'm positive this was some gift that my dad got with a subscription. Dad doesn't wear sweatshirts often, but when he does it will always be one with a Mississippi State logo of some kind on it. This sweatshirt wasn't getting any use. So I took it.

It has a hood and front pockets. I don't use either, but I like them being there. When the weather drops a few degrees, I will wear it on top of whatever t-shirt I have on and usually pair it with some sweatpants. I have several pairs of sweatpants but I'm not partial to any of them and none of them have a story. The string from the hood section of this sweatshirt disappeared long ago and the sleeves are longer than my arms but it's roomy enough for me and is so soft and cozy. I'd never wear it out of the house, so while I'm home, I like to wrap myself in it. Sort of like being in a cocoon. I'm actually wearing it now as I type this. That must explain how come the ideas are flowing freely today.Have you seen these items in the store? They are DIVINE! Several years ago I really got into chenille. That year for Christmas, my mom got me a purple, cozy chenille robe and my sister-in-law got me some of these slipper socks. I've got them in all colors, some with grips on the bottom and some without. I've even got Christmas slipper socks that are red and white striped with green poms poms from a student. They are so soft on your feet. Some people wear them out and about with their regular shoes, but I don't. They are actually hot if you wear them with sneakers, so I don't. It's too bad that I'm warm-natured and can't wear them all year.This particular item I use all year, but they go so nicely with my other woobies. A couple of years ago I found some sheepskin slippers on sale at a shoe store and bought them even though I already had slippers at home. That's one decision that I'm not sorry I made. These things are so comfortable....I think that if I could wear them all the time, I'd be a better person. In the winter, I pair these incredible slippers with the fuzzy, chenille socks from above. It's like dancing on a cloud every time you walk. I actually look forward to coming home and putting these things on. Don't get me wrong, I look forward to seeing Raelynn and David too, but neither of them fit on my foot as well as these slippers.

So laugh at me if you want to. I know that everyone out there has something that they wear or keep close to them (blankets, sheets, etc) that makes them smile and say "Ahhhhhhh." I think that if I could ever wear these items at the same time to work that I'd be invincible and impervious to stress. I know that there will come a day that the sweatshirt will no longer be wearable, one of the socks will be eaten by the dryer, and my slippers will loose their sheepskin. That surely will be a sad day for me. Hopefully, that year they will be offering the free sweatshirt with new Sports Illustrated subscriptions....because I don't really want the football phone. Plus, they don't look good when you wear them on your feet. I should know...but that's a different post for a later time.


Crystal said...

I like the cool weather too, I hope it will stay like this for a while before it gets really cold.
I too have an old sweatshirt that just love. I've had it for at least 10 years. I only wear it around the house and would just die if anyone ever saw me in it since it's so worn out and stained.

Carrie said...

I have socks like that! I love them!

Anonymous said...

I call my dog Woobie..not her actual name...but her nickname. I guess she's pretty comforting! :)