Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wisdom from Dog the Bounty Hunter

Man....I can waste time! I just love summer. Too bad mine is only going to be a week long until July. As I said in an earlier post, I enjoy developing my domestic side during the summer. Just this morning I made coffee and breakfast for David and then washed all the dishes! This is huge for me, in case you didn't know. In the summer, everyday feels like Saturday. I woke up, got Raelynn off to vacation bible school, went and got my hair did, walked around Wal-Mart for way too long, and am now home blogging and watching "Dog, The Bounty Hunter."

My attraction to this particular show makes no sense. I've never had a ticket or any other type of run in with the law. I've never needed the services of a bail bondsman. I guess it's sorta like my attraction to watching "Cops." I don't watch that one too much but for some reason I'm really interested in watching the apprehension of some of these people. Dog has had his share of hard times...some in the past and some in the not so distant past. I think that because he has a shady background, you can watch him and feel like he's been right where these people are. He's really not my type of guy at all, but I really enjoy watching this show. It's one of the few reality shows where you can actually tell how "trailer-y" the stars are. Beth's (Dog's wife) dresses really trailer park like and she's dyed her hair platinum blond. She's often in need of a touch up on her roots. She also has these outrageously long nails with some really intricate designs painted on them. I don't want her job, don't want her husband, and don't want her life. But between all the sleazy people and guys with long hair and tats, it makes for some really interesting TV. David can't stand it. He's sane like that. Me...not so much.

One thing I have to say for Dog and his crew....they do try to get these people straight once they've captured them. The ride from the scene of the apprehension to the jail is usually one filled with Beth and Dog counseling the perp and the perp usually cries. Who knows if they actually listen...I'm betting that the perp they just apprehended is high on something and probably doesn't know their own name. If you watch the show long enough, you'll see Dog's wisdom. The funny thing makes sense.

Some of my favorite "Dogisms" (quotes from Dog)

"When mercy is shown, mercy is given."

"I believe strong in God."

"Never-do you hit a woman."

"My grandfather would say they're all helpable if they wake up this side of the dirt."

"There's one guy running this show and his name has three letters..and those letters are G-O-D."

How can you argue with that logic??? The can't. Watch the show and you'll see what I mean.


Pam Hobbs said...

Tassie- How weird that I watched DOG today too. I never watch daytime TV but I made my lunch and turned it on before I went to work. And I never watch Dog but its a show that is like a train wreck.... you just cant look away. what is with that man's hair!? I think I want the crazy tatoo on the back of my neck too! Love your blob. Pam

Pam Hobbs said...

Oh Dear, I meant BLOG... OOps

Menta Lee Hill said...

good 2 c u back in bloggin' mode, Tassie...