Friday, May 1, 2009

I Hope You Dance

Have you ever heard that song by Leann Womack? The words are great and it gets me every time I hear it.

Today was crummy. No details...I don't want to bore you...but it was a bad day. At one point I felt I was outside of myself and looking in. Surreal moment. My wonderful husband took me out to dinner and now, many hours later, I feel better.

I was scanning the TV, and ran across the movie, Selena, with Jennifer Lopez. Has anyone out there seen this? I really like it. As you may know, I was born and raised in Key West, and even though I'm not Hispanic, I can really relate to the music, culture, etc. I was raised around it. And man oh man, what I wouldn't do for some decent Cuban food!

In the movie, there's singing, of course, and dancing too. Once upon a time, I was a dancer. I did it lots in high school. I was on the high school's dancing drill team and went to the high school dances each week. I never had a boyfriend or even a date in high school, but I did enjoy dancing with my friends.

I miss those days. My husband isn't much of a dancer. I think he slow dances just fine (and we've only done that a few times) but he admits he's not a big fan of dancing. I love it. I wish there was a place I could go to hear some great dancing music and groove with my girlfriends. I'm a fan of two stepping and line dancing too. I do have to admit that I'm not so great at the two stepping...but I'd like to try. There's something about moving and swaying to the music that takes your mind off of everything else. I really miss it.

In the meantime, I think I'll go in my room, turn on my CD player and dance. I hope you dance too.


Carrie said...

i am sorry you had such a bad me if you need to vent about it at some point...

I cannnot dance. if I could i would dance with you...sorry about that....

why didnt you just get up and dance to the concert this afternoon?!

Crystal said...

I wish I could dance, I'm just not very graceful. And I'm afraid of looking like a fool. I think they do line dancing and stuff at the Sportsplex, maybe you should check it out. Sorry you had a bad day, I hope your weekend will be better.

Menta Lee Hill said...

And even if it took two tryouts to make Conchettes, once you were on the team, you were outstanding! I'm glad that you still enjoy the dancing. Aren't there any good dives in Stark Vegas where you could shake your groove thang?