Sunday, May 3, 2009

Grading Papers....Fun.

Grading papers is something that has to be done if you're a teacher. Something that most people don't know, is that grading papers can really snowball on you. You have to stay on top of it or it will pile up on you in no time. It tends to take longer to go through the stack once it piles up than it does to avoid working on it.
Some times I work better than others. This weekend was a good one. David and Raelynn went to see his dad on Saturday, so I had the house to myself. I woke up feeling pretty crummy and it took me awhile to get going on the papers. Once I got going, I ended up grading a humongous stack of papers. I watched a couple of movies as well, Hannah and Her Sisters (I didn't think it was so great) and of course, Twilight again (in case you don't know, this movie and book rocks.) I even had time for a short nap during the afternoon. I really like days that get stuff done and have no pressing engagements. You can take a nap if you want to. And I did want to.
We went to church this morning, after dressing Raelynn in her Hawaiian stuff. It was Hawaiian Day at church for the kids. Raelynn seemed to enjoy it and I briefly thought about dressing up myself, but I didn't want to scare anyone. It was raining really hard when we left church but we ended up going to Wendy's for lunch and then headed home. I graded some more today, but slowed down enough for a walk to my mom's house.
I've yet to tackle the makeup work. It takes a lot longer to grade makeup work than it does a whole set of papers. The kids don't seem to understand this, no matter how I try to explain it to them. I think they must believe that the papers get graded by themselves...either that or the grading fairy visits me often. You might be saying to yourself that I just shouldn't grade late work. That usually is my policy but if I didn't grade it, then their grades would be skewed. It's a never ending cycle for me as to what to do....I still have no answers. All I know is that grading the late papers is nothing compared to getting the work out of the kids. That's something I wish I knew how to solve.
Anywho.....sorry that this post is pretty dull. My weekend wasn't that thrilling....just many hours of writing with a marker and using my EZ Grader to crunch the numbers. I'm going to go now and see if I can finish up....I feel a snowball of ungraded papers coming my way.


Carrie said...

I hate make up work too. there's no good solution.

I was very productive this weekend and grading was one of the things I did too. I'm completely caught up. it feels GREAT! :)

Crystal said...

I always hated grading papers, it takes so much time. That's one of the things I really don't miss about teaching.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what age you teach, so this may not be appropriate, but with my 8th graders, I absolutely do not grade late work if they were at school and didn't do it or missed a deadline for turning something in. ZERO, buddy. Deal with it.

If you teach, say, 1st graders, this may be a bit harsh, I don't know. :)

I still have not found a system that works for me for keeping up with absentee work, though. If you have any brilliant suggestions, let me know!