Friday, May 29, 2009

A Post About A Whole Lot Of Nothing

Okay, the picture has nothing to do with my post. I just thought it was cute. I don't have anything I'm just dying to share this morning. I looked through all my downloaded pictures for future blog posts and nothing really caught my fancy. I think that because I'm starting class on Monday, I'm feeling like I should make the most of any time that I have left this weekend. So I guess what's in order is a series of updates...

1. Sam has turned out to be gimpy. David has been working with him this week and it looks like he as a condition that won't improve. He'll attempt to return the horse this evening and get his money back. It's too bad too....he's a really cute horse.

2. The fam from Denver will be coming in on Monday. This would be my brother and David's sister (who are married) and their daughter Sable with her husband Tim and their son, Jayden. That doesn't leave me much time to do the necessary cleaning that is required if people step into my house. Melissa (my sister-in-law) is real picky about stuff being clean. Ah....the pressure!

3. I've been hanging out at Wendy's house swimming at her pool. It's been fun. I won't be able to do that today because I have to go to Kosciusko this afternoon to meet with some family and eat lunch. I do have a plan to meet with some friends at Wendy's on Saturday for a cookout. Should be fun. I'm bringing my famous deviled eggs.

4. Note to self: buy ingredients for deviled eggs today.

5. I start school on Monday. It runs the entire month of June from 8-4 each day. That's all I'm going to say about that.

6. I got my hair done the other day. I love the color but I told Tracy to do whatever she wanted with my hair cut. She didn't cut it short, she put layers in it for "extra body." Now that I'm home and trying to deal with my own hair, I'm having difficulty getting it to look any way other than retarded. I can't use a blowdryer--I just don't have those skills. I can get hair dry with it but I still haven't mastered how to straighten hair with it. I'm not sure if I should suck it up and wear a pony tail for the summer or if I should make an appointment with her again and ask her to show me what to do or to cut it so I can deal with it. Oh, that's right.....I have class starting on Monday, so that's'll be July before I'm able to make an appointment. Great.

Well, looking back over my updates, it seems my life is very dull. As depressing as that should be, it actually feels nice to not have any drama going on right now. Remind me of that when I complain about feeling restless or bored.

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Jess said...

Do not ever think of your life as boring!!! Thats when the shit hits the fan all at hem...

Think of it as blissfully uneventful and happily grounded!!!

Love ya girl!!