Monday, April 20, 2009

There's A Ghost In My Phone

There has to be some people out there that have also experienced this. For those of you that may not know, I am hard of hearing. Long story short....I have Meniere's Disease. So it would make sense that I put my phone on vibrate and ring. Most of the time, I can hear my phone ring. I dropped my phone last November and lost a lot of my cool ring tones. Thanks to LT, I was able to at least recover my favorite one. But back on track...when I got my new phone I recorded Raelynn on my phone saying "Mom, you've got a text message!" and "Mom, you're phone's ringing...pick up the's still ringing.....answer the phone...." It's real cute. But....when I'm outside or in a large crowd of people I can't hear my phone and I rely on the vibrate mode to help me know when someone is calling or texting.

But the reason of my post today.....I usually wear pants to work and carry my phone in my pocket. If I put it in my purse, I won't hear it. A lot of times, I don't hear my phone ring, but I do feel it vibrate in my pocket. I will pull it out and no one has called me. I also feel the vibration of the phone ringing sometimes even when my phone isn't in my pocket. That's really weird....does that have some scientific name or something?

Anyway, I think I feel my phone going off.....gotta go and answer it, even if it is a ghost.


Anonymous said...

cool, its me kelsey i found your biog.Why dont you wite about your class?

Kathy said...

That happens to me all the time. I finally realized it's just upper thigh jiggle. Sorry. ;-)

Vicki said...

Phone. Phone.
Mine is so very basic it's alarming. I don't think it does a thing but ring/vibrate. Is it SUPPOSED to do more? LOL!

Colonoscopy only b/c I'm OF AGE. I just did the recommended screening. All was 100% fine.

Sorry I missed your call the other day. Would've LOVED to have heard your question. You are so thought provoking -- thanks for the wild influence you've been on me!!