Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter at the Rosamond House

So I googled hot trends again for a good title for today's post. In the top ten was "zombie jesus" and "obama dog." I didn't think I could put either of these in my title, so I'll just stick with a generic Easter title. There were also Easter related words googled of which was "is walmart open on easter" but hopefully this will get read by exactly the kind of people that need to read it.

Enough intro and on to today's topic: Easter at my house. Raelynn was very excited of course. She's been talking about Easter and the impending visit of the Easter Bunny for a several weeks. So I'll now break it down for you....

*First, I can never remember how to boil eggs. Every year, as part of a tradition of sorts, I call my mom and ask her how to properly boil eggs. She is very sweet to keep telling me instead of politely asking me to write it down for future reference. So once I've gotten the official instructions of how to boil the eggs, I get right to it.

*This year I bought two and a half dozen eggs. We only used eight of them for dying. You one at our house eats boiled eggs. We do eat them in other foods, especially deviled eggs. The other eggs were used for just this purpose. But anyway, David came into the kitchen wanting to know why we were dying eggs since no one would eat them. I told him it's more about the act of dying the eggs instead of actually eating them. As a kid, I remember my mom using our Easter eggs in the potato salad for Easter dinner. My mother still does the cooking for Easter dinner, but since I no longer live with her, she uses her own boiled eggs.

*Raelynn chose to use dye and glitter on her eggs this year. Truly a girl after my own heart. We had fun dunking the eggs, timing them, and then adding the special glitter to them. At the end of the evening she had eight lovely eggs to be put into her basket and even more dye and glitter on herself than that on the eggs.

*I don't know how the Easter Bunny works at other people's houses, but at my house growing up, we laid out our dyed eggs on the dining room table next to the baskets and the Easter Bunny kindly moved them all of 1o inches from the paper towel to the basket. He never hid the eggs. Is that what he does for other folks? So of course, that's how we do it here.

*Raelynn took it a little further this year. This year she created an Easter card and matching envelope for the Easter Bunny. She didn't use an envelope we already had, she folded one out of paper and made a fastener for it. In addition to the card, she also laid out a snack for the Easter Bunny in case he needed more energy to complete his journey. She laid out carrots, lettuce, and radishes. Cute. She didn't say anything this morning when she found the remnants of the snack and there was no response note. I figured that if she asked why the Bunny didn't write back I'd tell her about the importance of having a thumb. She didn't ask so we'll save that discussion for another time.

*After scolding her for eating too much candy this morning for breakfast, I made the family's deviled eggs to take to my Mom's this afternoon.***Side note: Raelynn has been know to overdose on Easter candy and get so sick she threw up.*** Since I was about eight, I've made the deviled eggs for our holiday meals. I have this really great recipe and every time someone outside of my family tries it, they agree that they are, indeed, the best deviled eggs they've ever tasted. There were just a few of these left over from dinner and I brought them home since David doesn't eat carbs and this is one thing he can eat with no fear of ingesting carbs.

*We did a short egg hunt at my mother's house after dinner. The Easter Bunny wisely left her some plastic eggs (filled with candy of course) that she used in the egg hunt. I know from experience how unpleasant it is to find rotting eggs awhile after the hunt is over. David hid them for her to find and then Raelynn hid them for me to find. She did better than I did.

*Now we're back at home and I'm putting off my research proposal paper. I've used every excuse I can think of to keep from doing it. However, looking to the horizon, I have this paper, 5 article annotations, and a final exam all a week from tomorrow. I think I'm going to get a move on and just finish it. I can always go back and edit later.

To finish up, I'd like to say happy Easter everyone! We serve a risen Lord!

P.S. If you'd like to either eat some glittery boiled eggs or help with a research proposal paper, I'm right here....waiting for some excuse to stop working.


MLH said...

I will pass on the glittery eggs (not to mention assistance with the research paper) but could you share the deviled egg recipe? IF it's not a family secret, of course. Thanks:)

Vicki said...

I'm there w/you. Writing/revising thesis...presentation tonight in class, another report due -- need to write a grant for my classroom but the deadline is Friday. Hmmm. Yeah. Right.
Oh my...all this will pass soon. I'll be slowing down (relatively) when June comes - but still have 2 more classes to take.
I want to sit w/you and eat potato salad.
It'll happen.
Pinky swear.