Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Random Rants

Okay, I normally try to post "funny" random things, because really....Do you want to read about all the crummy stuff in my life? I think a safe answer would be no, because it's obvious that you're blog reading because you are trying to avoid your own troubles. However, for assorted reasons I won't get into, my posting "topic tank" is empty. So I going to settle for random complaints. If you have any interesting topics that you'd like me to complain about, please post a response!

1) The evil Wal-Mart and its cashiers....I know people gotta work, but I really hate it when the cashier doesn't interact with me and then doesn't make sure that I leave with all my bags! I usually remember to do this myself, but occasionally I'll have Raelynn with me and I'm distracted. How awful it is to come home with hot dog buns but no actual hot dogs!

2) The parking lot near Lowe's and Kroger. Ever since Kroger put up their gas station, there's no rhyme or reason about how traffic is supposed to flow. My friend Ashley has an interesting name for this mess but I shouldn't repeat it 'cause I'm sure it's offensive to some folks. I hate that parking lot.

3) My daughter's pediatrician and my bank both moved locations this week. Apparently, I'm one of the last people to know. I hate driving up to a place and then having to get out of the car and walk up to the door to decipher the little handwritten note on the door.

4) Another evil Wal-Mart rant...I had to wait for Raelynn's prescriptions for an hour and forty minutes and they still didn't have one of them. Raelynn has bronchitis and has a horrible cough. Guess which medicine we don't have???? You betcha....cough medicine. We gotta go back tomorrow because they say it'll be in then. Yeah, right.

5) Commercials on TV for medication. Really people, I don't want to have to explain what Male Erectile Dysfunction is or explain what birth control is to Raelynn. Also for the record, I hate when medicine commercials start listing all the side effects...I think that if "death" is a possible side effect, you shouldn't take the medication.

6) DVD's that don't have the "English for the Hearing Impaired" subtitles. I'm going to post about this topic at a later time. FYI-I'm hearing impaired.

7) I'm in work denial. I refuse to think about or believe that I'll have to go back to work next week. Perhaps if I don't think about it, work will go away.

8) My STUPID DIAL-UP at home. That's all I'm going to say about that.

9) Art supplies that find their way into the wrong places at my house: Play-Doh in the carpet, markers in the bedroom with no caps, scissors used to cut doll hair....one guess as to who the culprit is (and no this isn't me.)

10) There is only one place to eat in this town that carries Diet 7-Up. I can't have sugar or caffeine. And I can only go to Sonic so much. Water isn't even an option.

11) The water in this town tastes horrible.

12) Losing my ring tones on my phone. I broke my phone a couple of weeks ago and all the cool ring tones were saved to the phone. I don't have the art of the "bluetooth" transfer mastered yet, so I'm looking for people that can hook me up.

13) Paper cuts.

14) I need a sink in my classroom. Stuff is never dusted there and every time I work in the room, I feel like my hands get really dirty. My progress is hindered when I have to go to the restroom to wash my hands.

15) In general, going to public restrooms that have no soap, paper towels, or toilet paper. There is no excuse for this.

16) The evil Wal-Mart shopping bags. They are everywhere. When I'm trying to tell David where something is, I usually say, "It's in the Wal-Mart bag." Sitting at my computer right now, I can count 7 bags that are holding various things. And yes, I already checked them to see if they had the missing items from my shopping trip today--They don't.

17) Mud--all this rain has caused everything to be muddy. When you live in the country like I do, mud gets tracked in the house and gets on everything.

18) Driving in my car without my sunglasses. I have to drive to work in the sun and it's in my windshield again on the way home. There's a point when the sun is in the sky and it's right in your line of vision. I hate that.

19) Weather that can't make up its mind--come on...either be hot or cold..not both within the same week. I can't keep pulling out both wardrobes.

20) Sensitive teeth. Apparently if you brush too hard, you wear away the gums right at the tooth level. This makes for difficultly when getting your teeth cleaned.

21) Getting my teeth cleaned.

22) Raelynn getting her teeth cleaned.

24) Those small paper clips and paper clips that get rusty. I use these all the time and I hate the small ones. The rusted ones make my hands dirty and I already talked about that issue.

25) Missing the coming attractions when I go to the movies. To me, that's missing part of the movie. However, I fast forward through them when I'm viewing a DVD.

26) I just saw a commercial for the movie, "Jumanji." I hate this movie. I like Bonnie Hunt, Robin Williams, and Kirsten Dunst. I just don't like this movie.

Okay....I'm starting to feel better. I think sometimes you just have to let all the crud out. Thanks for taking the time to listen. Reading about what people are thankful for is nice (it's always friends, family, health) but I really like reading what ticks people off (as long as it isn't me.)

Okay..now it's your turn.....what's on YOUR mind?


LT (and Max) said...

i would have to agree with your list. well written, my friend.
as far as the medication commercials--i couldn't agree more. The ED commercials are terrible, and how about the KY jelly commercials? now that's just sick.
i hate wal mart with a passion. just ask bambi. in fact, i should add "not go to wal mart at all in 2009" to my resolutions list. hate it. we need a target.
now you've got me thinking about what i would add to your list....

Crystal said...

Those are all valid complaints! I really agree with you on the WalMart stuff, and the Kroger parking lot, I truly hate it. Some idiot almost hit me there the other day. Enjoy the rest of your week off from work, you deserve it.

Crystal said...

Yeah, Twitter is kinda like the status updates on Facebook.

bambi said...

I agree with your list as well. Those commercials are something, aren't they. Just what you want to talk about with your child during the fun Christmas holidays!AND we could do something about that problem at Kroger/Lowes! There is power in numbers!