Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Different Sort Of Treasure Hunt

I have a pretty large couch in my living rooom. My living room is also pretty large. My sofa is a sectional and is the only sitting surface in the room. For some reason, Raelynn decided to look for treasure under and inside the couch. She started by digging under the couch with a wooden kitchen spoon and then progressed to a longer tree branch she had made into a mobile. After digging under the back part of the couch, she then proceeded to do the same thing to the front of the couch. Her last area to scan was under the cushions. She didn't retrieve everything that was under or it in, but she did take the "treasures" she found and put them in a shoe box that she then gave to me. I still have no idea why she started this adventure but she really had a great time and was sad to see it end.

Here is a partial list of the things my couch was hiding:


*assorted loose beads

*purple plastic lizard toy

*nail clippers

*a plate from Raelynn's tea party set

*toy cell phone

*11 paperclips

*Hello Kitty sticker book

*3 pencils

*necklace (hers, not mine)

*plastic star shaped ring

*flower pendent


*bobby pin

*purple jelly ring that lights up (hers, but now is mine)

*dryer sheet

*3 wash clothes

*Hello Kitty hair accessory for her doll

*retractable tape measure

*2 pens

*juice top

*Hello Kitty handbook

*soda top

*tab from diary wrapper

*2 books: The Giving Tree and Sleeping Beauty

*pink doll shoe

*3 rubber bands

*small blue beanbag

*plastic lifesavers candy tray


*assorted candy wrappers

*bunny cupcake decoration pick

*red crayon

*1 sock

*yellow back scratcher

*purple Mardi Gras beads

*doll brush

*jingle bell

Aren't your curious what could be found under and in your couch right now? Maybe you'll be luckier than me and find more money.


Kathy said...

Yes, but just think.....You could sell all that stuff at a garage sale and get at LEAST another dollar out of it......

Carrie said...

wow! that is quite a lot of stuff!!

Crystal said...

LOL! The other day Wesley dropped something between the cushions and I took them to look for it and was surprised at the stuff in there. Your couch cushion treasures sound a lot more fun than mine though, all we found were ponytail holders, paper clips, and trash.