Friday, March 20, 2009

A New Hair Trend?

So I was standing in line at the evil Wal-Mart this afternoon and the lady in front of me had hair that looked something like this. Actually, if anything, I think it looked worse...if that's possible. I was thinking to myself...Does she not know that her hair makes her look like she's got some abnormally shaped head? I mean, I know beehive hairdo's and ratting your hair was big back in the '60's...(not that I was around to know it then..) but really....didn't it look like they had weird shaped heads back then too? Did the poor lady in front of me know that she didn't look very good? She reminded me of someone, but I couldn't remember who....

Just the other day I saw an infomercial for something called "The Bumpit." If you look at the word, it appears to say "Bum-Pit" which doesn't sound so great...someone out there has come up with an invention that makes your hair look like this on purpose. I think that if your hair doesn't do this on its own, you don't need to help it. Maybe I'm not getting it and it's this really hot new trend that makes people look hip.....If that's the case, I don't think I'll ever make "cool." If you look at this contraption closely, it loosely resembles a bear trap, doesn't it? Another reason to not put it on your head.

You know, I think it's all coming back to me now.....that woman today looked like a Conehead with hair....I'm so glad I didn't ask her if she knew Zeldar....She might not have appreciated that and reported me to her leader.

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MLH said...

In addition to the benefits it gave you to have the week off, as a blog follower I can say that it's been great having you post so often. I look forward to your summer vacation, as I can only surmise that this pattern of frequent blogging will resume then and helz to the yeah on that idea.