Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's Saturday and I should be working

So I should be grading papers, doing lesson plans, cleaning my house, washing clothes, writing a research paper, reading chapter 9 on experimental research, and making Raelynn do something constructive. Sorry ain't happenin'.

It seems that as I age (and note that I'm aging slowly), I feel like I'm becoming more and more distracted. I also seem to put off the things I should be doing. So far this morning I have:

* slept in
* got dressed
* got Realynn dressed
* ate some breakfast casserole that David made
* checked email
* checked facebook (twice)
* checked to see if the chickens had laid any eggs (there were two)
* called in my prescription refills to the evil Wal-Mart
* walked around my house aimlessly and attempted to put stuff up in the right place (I got bored
so I stopped)
* sorted laundry into colors and whites
* printed lesson plan sheets (haven't written them yet)
* semi/quasi made my bed
* had the TV on in the background...."Fun with Dick and Jane" and "What Not to Wear"
* Googled images for future blog posts (Cuban mix sandwich and Paradise Cafe in Key West)
* put shoes back on the shelf
* cleared off the coffee table while looking for a missing Netflix envelope (still haven't found it)
* marveled at how $5,000 for a new wardrobe really doesn't give you many clothes

and of course....

* blogged about absolutely nothing

What have you done today?


Carrie said...

i've been even less productive...
*slept till 11:30
*took a shower and put back on some pajamas.
*sorted laundry and washed one load.
*wandered around the house.
*made 2 gallons of tea.
*checked my email more times than I can remember.
*read your blog.
*that's it.

Kevin and Hope said...

I haven't had a very productive day, either. But that's what the weekends are for---to ReLaX! :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Birdie Mae said...

As for the "$5000 for a wardrobe doesn't really give you many clothes," well not on WNTW it doesn't, but in MY world...between SteinMart, TJMaxx, Century 21, and Marshalls--I would need a Ted's Shed for all that I could buy. Stacy and Clinton may have style, but they don't understand buying on the cheap.