Friday, March 13, 2009

Hello World, Remember Me?

Hello my blog reading fans. Above is a picture of me in case you forgot....It's been a little while since I've been blogging regularly and I'm really feeling it...(that and the stress related chest pains) but since this is the dawn of my spring vacation, I thought I'd start it right by posting a montage, of types, of all things Tassie. Sorry my topic won't be focused, but you'll forgive me, right?

Work was rough today. The day before vacation, end of the nine weeks, ice cream party, rain, constant interruptions.....this is the formula for disaster. I'm happy to say that I made it through and am looking forward to some serious down time. I'm a little over my near constant "up-time." I'm hoping to find the much needed time and money to relax. There are lots of things that calm me favorite being a massage. It would be nice to save some money each month to splurge on one....but often if I have to choose between getting my hair "refreshed" or my body relaxed and refreshed, I think I'm going to go with the hair. At least with that, I can wear what I paid for on my head for everyone to see. Now if I could just get Tracy to quit her salon, leave her husband, and become my own personal stylist...but that's another blog for another day. Suffice to say that I'm looking forward to this break. I will still be busy, mind you, I just will have a little more freedom with my time. I have some grandiose ideas about how to spend my time....getting caught up on much needed house cleaning, planning future lessons, getting caught up on grading papers and solving the problem of world hunger. I might actually do some of these things, but perhaps I'll be a little more relaxed as I do them. Hopefully the break will start off right and my daughter won't wake me up at 5 AM tomorrow to tell me that she doesn't have to go to school. (I kept her up late tonight, hoping that she'd sleep longer...I know...bad Momma, bad Momma)

Some other things on my mind.....
Most of you know about my fascination and love of the Twilight Saga. I just have finished reading the complete set, yet again. It never gets old. I may decide to start rereading the first one again, just for fun. But the real excitement this week is that Twilight will be coming out on DVD at the end of next week. I, of course, have my copy pre-ordered. The local Sam Goody's will be open at midnight before it's released, so I'll be there to get my copy. I've seen the movie more times than I'm comfortable admitting, but I am looking forward to being able to watch it with subtitles (I have a post brewing about this topic) and watching any deleted scenes or extra materials it will include. I'm not brave enough to think about watching it with my husband....I have the feeling that he would find it very easy to give me a hard time about this subject and my feelings can be a little close to the surface, so I won't make him watch it with me. If you haven't read this series, you should. It's an easy read and you'll probably love it. I've convinced several people to read it and my friend Carrie is the only one able to withstand its spell. She didn't hate it but she also didn't see the big fuss. She just wanted Bella to say that she thought that Edward was beautiful once and then to move on to other subjects. We agree to disagree. I still love her though, and we do share a love for the Harry Potter books.

I also have a portion of my research proposal due for my graduate class right after break. You could work alone or in partners. Guess who doesn't have a partner? Yeah, that'd be me. I love to write but I'm not crazy about writing papers. I'm really not wanting to do this paper and I'm somehow hoping that I can get going on this and not let it hang over my head.

Sleep. I'm hoping that this break from school will allow me to catch up on some much needed sleep. At the very least, I'd like to think I could relax some. Perhaps I will stumble upon a discarded $50 bill so I can enjoy a massage to help with the de-stressing.

Some things I'd like to accomplish during my time off this week:

*Wear as little makeup as possible.
*Not leave the house much, since I won't be wearing makeup.
*Sleep. And then, sleep some more.
*Tap into my own personal muse and get my research paper written and written well.
*Go the dentist, both my own and with Raelynn, without anyone embarking on a full-scale freak out.
*Watch as much TV as I want to. This includes several viewings of Twilight, when I pick it up at midnight.
*Spend some time with my friends Wendy and Kathy. Wendy's parents are visiting for the break, and it would be nice to meet her family. Wendy is a great person and has an incredible heart. My friend Kathy is also fabulous. She wants to spend time eating manicotti at Old Venice....and since I'm such a good friend, I won't let her go alone.

Having said all that, I'm sitting here and yawning. I need to log off and get some rest, since that's one of the things I'm hoping to do this week. I figure that if I can't solve world hunger, the least I can do is catch some ZZZZZZ's.


Menta Lee Hill said...

Enjoy your holiday from the grind--hope you get to do all the stuff you have on your list!

Carrie said...

hahaha...thanks for not talking too bad about me....

I'm so excited about having this week have no idea...I have already heard horror stories about my class friday...ugggghhhhh....