Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sniff, Sniff

I was in the mood to post a list so here goes:

Things that smell really good:

*anything my mother is cooking

*Crayola crayons

*gardenias and roses


*new plastic shower curtains (fresh from the package)

*wood burning fireplaces (from outside)

*clothes that have been dried in the sun

*my pillow

*rubber cement

*permanent markers


*Raelynn when she gets out of the shower

*Vick's Vaporub

*Christmas trees (the real ones)


*the specific scent of my fragrance plug in at school

*my perfume (Stella)


*steak and ground beef that's being cooked

That's all I can think of right now....what smells good to you?


Jessica said...

oooo! I loved the smell of my glad plug in at school too! It was febreeze noticibles... um, rain and something else. haha. I can't even remember. I LOVE the smell of new shoes! Oh, and tennis balls! I adore the smell when you open the can! What else? um, Euphoria perfume, pomegranate, lilies, and I totally agree about the christmas trees! i have a pine tree candle I always burn at christmas time!

Crystal said...

I totally agree with most of those, but others...not so much. I love fruity smells, and the smell of coffee, but one of the best smells (and tastes) in the world is Hershey's chocolate.

Crystal said...

Oh, I forgot to say this in my earlier comment, but I mostly get fabric from the Walmart in Columbus, or in Lucedale when I'm down there visiting. There's a fabric store in Starkville called Golden Triangle Fabric Center, on Lampkin street, they have a decent selection, but are a little expensive.

Menta Lee Hill said...

Bacon in the skillet and anything washed in Gain...

Kathy said...

What??? Nobody mentioned honey suckle plants (if that is indeed what they are called) OR that coconutty suntan lotion.....I do love GAIN, though.