Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Missing Gene

I firmly believe that there are three types of people in this world: those that can successfully accessorize and look like a million bucks, those that don't give a flip about accessorizing, and those that want to, but seem to be missing that particular gene. I put myself in that last group. This isn't a good thing because I already have a problem with dressing myself with any class. Mostly, I find myself dressing for comfort and what will keep me the coolest. As I get older, I find my younger sense of style is something that becomes harder and harder to revive. (Side I look at pictures of me when I was younger, there remains some doubt that what I wore could accurately be described as having a style other than "ridiculous.")

My background with accessories during my formative years is what I learned about jewelry while in the Keys. There, most everyone wears yellow gold everything. Those that are really with it have a name chain, ID bracelet, initial ring, and various bracelets with either the saints or with various beads like a goldstone bracelet. For earrings, most people wear gold filigree hoops. I don't really recall anyone wearing costume jewelry that matched their outfits. Perhaps this is why I struggle so much now. I've had to really cut back on the jewelry wearing here in Mississippi, since my Cuban type jewelry from home doesn't really fit here. I figured I'd try to blend in here by working on my accessorizing skills.

I keep my eyes open for necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that match each other and go with outfits that I currently have. I must not be a visionary in this area, because nothing looks cute in the store and I can never picture what I have at home already. The type of jewelry lately that I've been attracted to has had some type of crystal element. I figure it matches my personality....loud and flashy. And yet I still manage to dress myself and look like a wayward clown. I think what I need to make this easier for me is to hire a stylist. I don't know anyone that does this full time. I have lots of part time help, but mainly all they do is tell me how ridiculous I look. This is good to know but not really helpful in pointing me to something that would look nice.

What do you do to accessorize? Where do you find all your greatest stuff? Do you have any tips for me? I'm desperate here. We're moving to a new dress code at school next year and I think I'm gonna have to step it up a notch. And if you know know that notch is pretty high up there and I'm down here with no ladder.


Carrie said...

i'm not good at it either. and it requires more money than I have to be able to buy stuff that matches each outfit....I just wear plain stuff. I'm boring.

Jessica said...

Ok, so I am not a fashion diva by any means, but I'll share what I do.... First I like to have my basics:
1. pearl earrings (I wear these all the time as you've probably noticed. I like to put them with more casual outfits to just add a little something)
2. long necklaces and short necklaces (You need to have varying lengths to go with different types of necklines. If I am wearing some sort of crew neck I go long, if its a v-neck or something I tend to go short. I always make sure I have long and short necklaces with brown accents/beads and black accents/beads. I also like to have one or two long gold necklaces.)
3. Colored necklaces - I usually go for some type of beads when I buy colored necklaces. I also buy them in more neutral colors because they will usually go with anything.

As for buying, I almost ALWAYS buy my nicer jewlery when it goes on sale at the departments stores. Belk and Dillards usually have tables set up with items that are like 75% off. I buy my more trendy jewlry at stores like Forever21 and Target because I don't like to spend money on stuff that will be out of style in no time.

Hope that helps you out a little! love you!

Anonymous said...

Pearls--at your ear, around your neck, on your wrist. Also agree with "Jessica" about the long necklaces looking good with crew necks, on.