Sunday, May 4, 2008

This Post Has No Title

So, I don't know if anyone even reads this...if you do, take a moment and post a comment so I'll know that my voice is heard somewhere out there!

Today is Sunday. I vowed today to start back eating more healthy since yesterday I went and picked up my dress for Jessica's wedding. It fits but I know it will look better if I can can drop just a few pounds before the big day. I'm reading the book The Secret (and when I say read I don't really mean from cover to cover...when you are busy like I am, you sneak a few minutes in here and there and you ready just a little at a time. The essence of the book is that positive thinking brings about the positive things in your life. So I'm not going to focus on "losing weight" since embedded in that thinking is that I'm overweight. I'm not really that far into the book but it's made some sense. I definitely need to work on being more positive.

I went to church this morning and Johnny did a great sermon on Baptism. The idea that I walked away from this morning was that God, my father, loves me even when I don't love myself. That's so awesome. He wants good things for me and will take care of me, even if I mess things up.

The family and I went to eat Chinese food after church and then a quick trip to Walmart. I was majorly bummed out that there were no Fiber 1 bars. It's as if the town of Starkville has conspired against me! I may have to go to Kroger and see if they have some.

We walked to my mom's house (she lives on the same street) and the weather was nice. Realynn found a little doll in the road as we were walking and spent some time trying to clean her up. She's so sensitive. I'm blessed that she's mine.

I've put off lesson plans....I have a general idea about what I'm going to do tomorrow. Basically, we'll be trying to go over the MCT material before their minds get blown by it all.

Well, I'm going's time for bed and I need all the beauty sleep I can get!

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