Tuesday, May 20, 2008

an enlightening moment

I went for a run tonight. For anyone that knows me well, this sounds significant. I am a firm believer that endorphines obtained during and after exercise is nothing but an urban legend. I never feel really great or on top of the world when I exercise. Perhaps that's because I don't enjoy sweating. Anyway, I went for a run tonight as the sun was sinking low past the horizon. I had my Faith Hill CD playing and on the way back, I felt really great. Not happy that I was sweating, mind you, but I felt like I could keep running for miles. At first I thought that I was just happy that I was doing something for me, but I realized that wasn't so. I'm trying to lose a few pounds before Jessica's wedding so that the dress I bought will still fit. So technically, I'm not running for myself. I'm running for Jessica.

Yesterday, I was given a good-bye note from a student. It read, "Dear Mrs. Ro, you are ghetto-fabulous. I will miss you." Now, what does this mean? I thought that if something was "ghetto" that it was run down. Can anyone clear up the confusion for me? This is the last week with students. I've had this group for 2 years and I will miss them. It's interesting to think about the students I will get next year. Here's to hoping we all get along!

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Jess said...

You ran for ME! I feel like a super star!