Friday, May 30, 2008

Does anyone even read any of this?

Well, I'm posting again. As I look around the very LARGE world of the Internet, I've found some very interesting blogs. Do bloggers write for themselves or for other people? I've been reading two blogs a lot, one of a girl I know here in town and the other is her sister. They both have incredible senses of humor. It's very interesting reading other people's thoughts....especially if they are people you know, or know of. There's this false sense of intimacy. From reading my friend's blog (and by friend I mean acquaintance) I feel like I know her so well. She can't say that about me. (Unless she reads my blog and even then I don't think so.) As for her sister's blog, I've never even met her. I do truly enjoy reading both of their blogs. I hope to one day know my friend better in a reciprocal way, and actually meet and get to know her sister. They seem like real fun people to know.

So for my latest addictions:

Netflix- I just started this addiction this week. I am a huge movie and tv fan. In my house, the tv was always on and usually it was loud. We only had one tv for most of my growing up and as a grown up I can say we only have one at our house. When I'm home, it's usually on. But that doesn't mean that I'll watch anything. I am choosy about what I want to watch. I do like to watch movies. I worked for several years at a movie theater and loved the perks of watching free movies. I like going to the movies with my friends (David will go with me depending on the movie and the occasion) and renting them as well. A couple of friends do Netflix and because I go along with peer pressure, I too am a member of Netflix. I've already received my first three movies and watched them all within a 24 hour period--(gotta love summer!) So far I've seen Untraceable with Diane Lane, which I really liked. I was surprised at this. I thought it was a combination of Silence of the Lambs and The Net with Sandra Bullock. The second movie was National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets. This movie David and I actually saw together at the theater but it was nice not having to stalk Blockbuster to wait for it. The third DVD I watched was the British tv show, The Office.

This is my other addiction-

I realize that this isn't the cast of the British show, but that's why I rented it. Needless to say, it wasn't near as funny as the American version. Perhaps it's because I've watch all 3 seasons on DVD enough times to have them permanently engrained on my brain and nothing can compare, or maybe it just isn't as good. We'll never know. I can only hope that the 4th season gets released soon on DVD so that I can buy it and watch it. This show is so funny. I don't understand when people say they don't like it. I figure those people just don't understand it. When I find someone who loves it like I do, I get real excited. It's almost as if we share some cosmic bond. Strange I know. If you haven't watched this show, I strongly suggest that you do. If you can't wait until it comes out in reruns so you can see all 4 seasons, you can always rent them on Netflix...and the cycle of addiction continues.......

(and can we please give it up for the fact that I was able to add pictures to this post?? woop woop!)

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