Thursday, January 3, 2013

Choose Hope. Always.

So I may have spoken too soon about being able to blog more frequently.  Okay, let me revise that....I may not be able to blog in the way that I'd like to more frequently.  And by that, I mean blogging that includes pictures.  I am using our fabulous jet pack thingy that is allowing me to get online, but much to my dismay, it doesn't provide high speed Internet access.  More like Internet access that will work on that "no patience" flaw of mine.....  But I'll try to load another picture before I post this.  Either way, I'll blog.

So, thanks to everyone who read my post yesterday....and a special thanks to Harvey S. who posted a comment.  He mentioned an assignment we had in high school to write our own obituaries for the year 2030.  I don't remember that assignment.  And that bothers me a bit.  It just goes to show that you remember some things that are important to you and others not so much.  What I remember about the class that Harvey mentioned was that I had to memorize the poems "Anabelle Lee" and "O Captain, My Captain" and recite them in class.  I also remember that she gave oral tests on the tape recorder.  She taped herself giving the test to her first period class and then just replayed it for everyone else.  Too bad for you if you had a question or needed to hear number 3 again.  If someone from first period didn't need to hear it a second time, then you didn't either.  Her name, Harvey, was Mrs. Robinson.  I also remember that she also called us "Little Chickadees" and said "Now get in the barn, little chickadees...."  We all thought she was strange.  And I guess when you're a teenager, most grown-ups fit in that category.  (But really....she was strange.)

But I digress.....Mrs. Robinson isn't today's topic.  For some reason, I feel led to put the message "Choose Hope" out there.  I don't know if someone reading this is feeling a lack of hope in their lives or not...but I still feel like I need to say it.  I can't really offer much else in the way of any particular encouragement, but I do know this.  God has a plan and He is mighty.  He will provide when  you least suspect it and need it most.  When I encounter people that are lacking hope, I relay this metaphor. 

Life is like one big cross stitch project (especially mine.)  We live our lives underneath the project, looking up at all the knots, the tangles of colored thread, the loops that weren't pulled all the way through, and the thread that stretches from one side to the other.  None of it makes sense.  We can't see what we're doing and it all seems random.  God, on the other hand, is seeing our life from the top view.  He already knows the beautiful picture that our lives will become.  How looking at this exquisite piece of art will inspire it will cause others to see something in themselves they didn't know was there.  We can't see it yet...and for that matter, have no idea what the outcome of the design will be.  We just get caught up in the tangles underneath.  God takes the knots of our lives...the trials...the heartbreak....and makes beautiful things from them.  Know that is what He is doing for you right now.  Have hope.  Hope always.  Hope doesn't make you weak.  It makes you strong.

So, I don't know who that is for but I feel that I was led to share this.  I hope that this finds you well, with a smile on your face, and love in your heart.

And if not....choose hope.  You are a masterpiece in the making!!!!



Sugar Loafer said...

You bring to mind Martha Robinson; she was "old school" long before that term entered the dialogue. Her son is a counselor at HO'B now. I guess education was/is in their bloodline. ntlyVia

scarletpumpernickel said...

It was for me! Thank you, Tassie.

The Andersons said...

It was also for me. :) Glad you're back! I needed to hear that!

Vicki said...

HERE you are. Gosh. We miss you when you don't blog....

SOOOO thrilled to see that your amazing and encouraging - ridiculous and silly - comments are coming back to print for us all to read.

Big hugs!! Love ya, sista.