Friday, March 18, 2011

Rhinestone Bangle Bracelets Do Not Dress Up an Outfit...They Just Make It More Tacky.

I've never fooled myself into believing for a moment that I have anything even close to fashion sense or style. For the most part, I get dressed in what is clean and comfortable. I'd be a perfect candidate for "What Not to Wear." At my old school in Florida, dress was real casual. When you live on an island and everything is laid back, you get very comfortable in your style. Having lived there most of my life, "casual" is how I viewed everything. I guess I fit in around Key West. If someone saw me out and about, they probably thought I was on my way to work in the yard. Not so. I detest yard work. But I digress...... So I would wear skirts and such to church and shorts or capris to work. The dress code was very casual pretty much everywhere.

So fast forward to moving to Mississippi. In my mind, most people here were more conservative and not as nearly as casual as I was. To some degree, this is true. My dress code at work is more strict than I'm used to (no jeans or shorts) and the weather changes actually required that I get some closed in shoes. (When I moved here, I mostly had Teva sandals or Birkenstocks.) I've adapted, I guess, although I still go for what is clean and comfortable. I've watched enough "What Not to Wear" episodes to know this isn't what I'm supposed to be doing. I hope that I haven't gotten stuck in some decade of distasteful fashion and no one has told me. No one from "What Not to Wear" has shown up at my door, so I'm taking it as a good sign.

I started wearing glitter makeup on Fridays as a way to celebrate the end of another week I'm made it through. This didn't help me overcome my fashion woes, but more or less said I wa ready for Halloween...year round. Somewhere since I moved to Mississippi, I've added rhinestone bangle bracelets to my wardrobe. I realize, of course, that the bracelets don't really dress up the outfit that I wear, but it makes me feel better. To the point that if I go to work and I'm not wearing one, it feels weird. Like not having a watch weird. I'm not sure how I got started or where I found my first bracelet. The bracelets have made an appearance in my daily wardrobe to work, in addition to the glitter makeup which has spread from Friday to days ending in "y." I'm all about shiny and sparkly.

I've acquired many of them over the years, and I'm always keeping my eye out for them. So far, I've not bought any online and I don't do Ebay anymore. (I was a victim of stolen identity several years ago.) I've managed to acquire them in most every color and sadly....I get excited when I find new ones. Excited like I need to call someone and tell them excited. Excited like I want to make it my Facebook status....."I found some new bracelets! Yay!" I don't do those things because no one seems as excited as I am buying these bracelets. Go figure.

This week, Raelynn and I went to Columbus to go to the book store in the mall and I stopped over at Accessory Corner. They have bags, jewelry, belts.....basically they carry accessories...hence the name. Anyway, I found some bracelets with matching rings and was so happy that I wanted to call someone....anyone.....but I didn't. Have you ever gotten excited over something small like that and wanted to share it but didn't? But....I'm blogging about it so I guess I am fulfilling the need to share. Just pretend to care, please. After all, my current total of bracelets is up to 35 and I'm looking to add to this total. If I do, I promise not to post it to facebook or call you....but blogging about it....well...there's no guarantee there.



Brandi Herrington said...

There was never a day I'd pass you that I didn't smile at your shiny accessories and spunk. I get just as excited when I see free notepads. I have an obsession in need of a 12 step program.

Neneh C. said...

I didn't know you had such a love for Bangles...what's your favorite song? Manic Monday?