Thursday, February 26, 2009

Where'd My Mojo Go?

It's been a little while since I blogged and even longer since I blogged anything noteworthy. This is a sure sign that the stress levels in my life are at very high points. Work has been really hard lately, but I won't go into the boring details. Suffice to say that I'm hanging in there and really looking to find my blogging mojo again. I miss it when I don't blog. You may not care, but hey....this is my blog, right?
So I'll recount some of the exciting details of my life. Pretty much, as of late, I am getting up tired, drinking coffee that I shouldn't have to wake up and then spend a large part of my day doing something as difficult as herding cats or nailing Jello to the wall. After the day is over, I head home where there is at least 3 more hours of work waiting for me. I go to bed late, toss and turn, and finally drift off to sleep. I usually don't remember my dreams and for the longest time I was convinced that I didn't dream at all. I now know that isn't true. My dreams usually have some element of Twilight involved. I'm telling has become my alternate reality. But I've probably blogged more about that topic than I should. I've seen the eye rolling when I mention I know how others around me feel.
I don't usually go on and on about makes it look like that's all I think about. What's really sad is that I do think about food a lot. So I won't go into major detail, I'll just touch on the highlights. I really enjoy a good bagel. There is a bagel place in town but I don't usually make it there before they close on Saturday. When I go to Bagel City, I order a jalapeno bagel and get the mediterrian cream cheese. I figure that mixing the ethnicities is okay and it sure tastes yummy. Since I can't make that at home, the closest thing I've come to is a regular wheat bagel and some sun-dried tomato cream cheese. It's pretty good. I must be on an Italian kick, because I've thought a lot this week about the manicotti at Old Vencie lots. David and I went there on Tuesday after I had a real crummy day and I got to enjoy some. I've had it other places but it can't even begin to touch theirs!
Enough about food....this weekend I'm hoping to slow down a little. Of course I still have to do lesson plans, grade papers, and the like but I'm hoping to go see a movie with my friend Wendy tomorrow. I really like going to the movies and wish I could go more. David isn't a big fan of the movies....he prefers to watch them at home. I agree with him on some of that....I need subtitles to really understand what's going on. There are rarely any movies I'm interested in that would have natural subtitles built in.
Well, I'm going to go and write my weekly classroom newsletter. I'm hoping that I think of something witty to share with you and perhaps start to feel like myself again.


Crystal said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling stressed. I completely understand. I hope you have a good day tomorrow, since it's Friday and all. Have fun at the movies :-) If you need to talk, or just need someone listen to you vent, give me a call.

TheDearmanFamily said...

I like "nailing jello on the wall." Perfect descriptor for an elementary teacher's day....

Birdie Mae said...

miss reading up on the haps in Stark Vegas--hope all is well with you and the family and that you will find your mojo and get back to blogging as there are still things on your list of potential topics that I want to read about...and I don't think I'm alone in that.