Saturday, February 21, 2009

I need your help.....

If you are any kind of regular reader of my blog, you've noticed that my posts have been a little "off" recently. Some of this is due to the stresses I'm dealing with, and the rest is writer's block. Every so often, I come up with an idea for a post and I write it down. If the topic hits my fancy later, I write about it. If not, it just stays on my list.

So, to help get me back on track, I am sharing my topic list with you. Any input on which one you'd like to hear about is appreciated. If none of these topics hit your fancy, please feel free to leave a comment with a topic you would like me to write about.

My list of possible blog topics:

1) my school lanyard

2) the pumpkin sitting on my TV

3) my love of subtitles

4) infomercials

5) the joy of the bargain bin

6) Raelynn and her toes under the bathroom door

7) me in a paper bag

8) clowns

9) sunsets

10) my high school mascot

11) a quote from Notting Hill and a painting

12) my teenage years on a dancing drill team

13) cats

14) evolution of phones

15) my watch

16) YouTube

17) Another way I get inspired to come up with blog topics

18) time period movies

19) tissues

20) tiaras
Thanks in advance for your help. If you ever need my opinion on anything, all you have to do is ask. Those of you that know me personally can attest to that. But a word to the wise....don't ask if you don't want to hear the answer!


Menta Lee Hill said...

I would like to read about #2, #7 frightens me a little, #12 would be entertaining (ah the drama of the weekly tryouts) already know plenty about #10 (but don't allow my level of knowledge impede others)--what I really want to know more about is your chicken coop on wheels. I have a bunch of feral hens who frequent my yard, so all things galline would be of interest to me.

Anonymous said...

Write about your high school mascot!

Carrie said...

i dont konw why you think you have writer's block...all of these are really good topic ideas..I would like to hear about any of them! maybe start w/ your high school drill team days... :)

TheDearmanFamily said...

Doesn't sound like writer's block to me.......

write about cats.

MLH said...

That's two votes for #12...not a landslide but certainly an indication of what your readers think they would find entertaining, informative, etc.

Kevin and Hope said...

Any of these sound funny...I would rather not hear about clowns. I have a thing about clowns--they freak me out!

Anonymous said...

Write about 12!

menta said...

okay, Tassie, you asked for input--we're waiting! sorry if I seem impatient, I'm a bunch of other things, too...