Monday, July 23, 2007

Quilt Counting by Lesa Cline-Ransome #36

Cline-Ransome, L. (2002). Quilt counting. Illustrated by James E. Ransome. New York: SeaStar Books.

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Grade Level:

PreK through third grades

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Author Credibility:

The husband and wife team of Lesa and James Ransome have written and illustrated several books together. At the end of the book, the author gives additional information on the history of quilts.


I could not locate any awards for this book.

Book Summary:

This is a counting book that uses quilts and family life as a backdrop for the numerals. The counting starts at one and goes up to ten and then goes back down to one. On each two page spread, the numeral appears as well as a the word form of the number.

National/State Standards:

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The illustrations appear to be acrylic and collage. Each illustration covers the two page spread. The art work is cheery and depicts elements of family and elements of living on a farm. The illustrator, James E. Ransome, uses bright and vivid colors that make his illustrations fun to look at.

Access Features:

Important access features in this book include quilt patterned endpapers and a note from the author about quilts and their history.

Writing Style:

Each page has a four lined poem the describes the illustration on the two page spread. The second and fourth line rhyme. The lyrical writing makes this an enjoyable book to read and accessible for lower readers.

Use in My Classroom:

I would probably use this book in my classroom as a part of a unit on quilts or poetry. Once introducing students to the illustrations and the poem, I might have them create their own poem about the illustration that included the number emphasized on that two page spread.

My Response to the Book:

I enjoyed this book because it had so many connections to other disciplines. Quilts lend themselves to storytelling, math, and history. With the added bonus of poetry and math, this book covers quite a few disciplines!

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Teacher said...

I do a quilt unit with my students usually in January for a winter unit. I believe this would be a good book for me to add to my collect and use it with my unit.